Sunday, May 05, 2013

Dumping Facebook, Hooked on Craigslist

You HAVE to read this---please. 

This is an update to my post, because I saw the link just now on facebook and I am astonished and thrilled at the same time.  Finally, admission that psychiatric diagnoses are subjective.  The diagnostic "bible" of psychiatry is going to be scrapped.  About time.  Un believable this would ever come to happen.  So many lives have been ruined, including mine, by shady disgusting greedy and negligent practioneers, urged on by huge profits from drug companies.  When enough shrinks came out as gay, they removed homosexuality as a diagnoses, from their bible.  That should have been clue enough that the whole thing was bogus. Finally.  I'd love to sue psychiatry in general, for my ruined life.  Sweet revenge for all done to me in the name of help.  My gawd!......anyhow.  Below is the original post.....

I am dumping Facebook, for the most part, as a time waster.  I still message friends using Facebook.  But I seriously squandered time there.  With little return.

My new time waster is craigslist.  I've always hated craigslist.  But because people post such terrible things on the pets list.  "We want to get rid of our 14 year old cat.  We've had her since she was a kitten, but we got a new puppy, so she has to go.  Free.  Come get her."  Things like that.  Heartless posts reflecting vacant souls.

But craigslist buying and selling lists, those are my new haunts.  I am selling items like used carriers, spified up some, and searching for a used bike so I can get exercise, should I be able to pry myself away from craigslist long enough to do that, to peddle off with a brand new friend sought out on craigslist personals, who hopefully is not a serial killer.

What I've been doing, hasn't been working for me.  I've been soooo lonely and boredom is taking its toll also, although I keep busy with household projects, the cats and cleaning.

I miss human contact and fun.  I've not had any outright fun for way way too long.  I'll be checking out a bike tonight.  That is if half a dozen other used bike sellers I called, don't call first, with better bikes and offers.  I love this.

Took me a bit to settle in, feel comfortable with talking to total strangers about something other than cats,  but I like it now.  Didn't take long.

I'm looking at an exercise machine tomorrow.  $25.  Used so far by seller as a coat hanger.

I suppose that's what it might become here but then again, it might not.  That's if I buy it.  I might just end up chatting.

So I got a bike.  It's awesome.  The guy had lots, most freshly bought off an estate sale still going on in Scio, he said, including the one I bought.  He usually has time to fix and tune them, before resale he said. It's his hobby, like the guy I met online from Eugene, who does that, and gave me some pointers.

 I was looking at one he'd advertised, but the frame was too small.  It was Diamondback and a nice mountain bike.  I was going to look at one in Corvallis tonight, but won't need to now because it is also a Diamondback of the same frame size, which is too short for me.  There's a website that gives you a guideline on resale values for used bikes.  That has been helpful to see who is overpricing.  He had an old beat up Trek too, but showed me the crank was wobbling, said it's be cheap and ok for around town.  I almost bought it, but I got this one instead.  The front tire is old and cracked, but still rides and I love it.  Good price for a nice aluminum frame bike with after market handlebars and seat, that kind of bounces, good for my butt.  It is totally a sit upright bike, for, ok, an older person, that may have neck or back issues.  The tires are wide, for like gravel or dirt, but they do fine on road.  I already took it for a spin.  Better frame by far than the Target bikes selling, at the cheapest, for $100 more than this one.

From experiences in the past, riding rain in Oregon, I will want at least half fenders, so I don't get a line of dirt up my back.  This has no fenders but the seat and handlebars are awesome.

Now I'm looking into a mini kota endura with marine battery, for my raft, at about half the cost new. We shall see.  Battery looks old in the photo, pretty much super old.  A mini kota endura new with 30" shaft and 30lb thrust is $99 at Walmart, while this guy wants $75 for the Endura plus a Les Schwab Marine deep cycle battery.  Those batteries run $100.  But if the battery is elderly, ready for the home, it's a deal killer.  A deep cycle marine battery at Walmart, new, runs $68.  So he's asking under half price for those two things, if they were bought brand new.

Facebook is out.  Craigslist is in.  Sorry FB.  Too bad Mark.  You don't excite me anymore.

The cat tree I have been making, out of two cedar shed doors given me by the Slurpy colony caretaker, is morphing.  Added a climb, that I already had, from an old rental where I lived, only freshly painted, and a perch.  The perch is a piece of the side of the Ikea bed frame, that I bought but did not include any way to hold up a mattress.  So I scrapped it, got a partial refund, and have been using the wood as needed.

This is the latest unfixed yard stray.  He's been hanging around in my yard for a week, even entering my garage and spray marking inside.  He's tame.  I finally scruffed him and carried him into the garage and put him in a cage.  I've posted him on craigslist and hope to either find his owner or get him in to Safehaven.  He needs fixed for sure.

Unfixed cat number 40, to come through my yard, since I moved here six years ago.

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