Friday, May 31, 2013

Assholes of N. Albany

I am so upset tonight, I just want to sob.  The N. Albany woman, who called wanting help with a Lynx Point Siamese stray, was supposed to take him back.  I had told her over and over he had to come back.  I told her husband that.

But their total disinterest in him or his welfare was deafening.  She did not call me at all to find out how he was doing.  I held him in my garage three days until he could be fixed, without a dime in donations.  I told her he'd be fixed Thursday and back Friday.  I call her this morning to tell her what time I'll be bringing him back. She doesn't answer.  She doesn't call back either.

She calls finally about 4:30.  I'm at the post office.  She's saying he can't come back, that her husband told me he couldn't.  I say "he said no such thing".  She says he lied to her then, that he said he told her that.  I don't believe her.

I told her no matter, she understood clearly he had to come back and I would never have helped her if I had thought she wasn't taking him back.  She then says her husband will kill him if he comes back and she won't feed him.  WTF?

She's manipulating me and lying to me and has absolutely no compassion for the cat or for me.  Selfish woman, trying to dump a cat on me, trying to take advantage of my kindness.

She's upscale, lives in a fancy neighborhood in a fancy house.  She didn't donate a dime, either.  And she is trying to dump a cat on a poor person who already has too many cats.

I want to scream.  I want to call the cops on her.

I want to save this cat from her.

I don't know what to do.  There seems to be no compassion in this area or honesty or morality.  It's all manipulation and lying and serving ones' own self interest.  Those are the values here.

No place for kind hearts or stray cats.  No place for me.

Want a Lynx Point Siamese boy, freshly neutered?  He's semi feral, meaning, once he was somebody's cat, thrown out, left behind, ignored, whatever.   The usual around these parts.  And he doesn't deserve what happened to him and he wants to live.

I don't appreciate what that woman did to me or to him.  If you're reading this, lady, you need help.  It is wrong to lie.  It is wrong to manipulate.   You stole from me.  You saw my open heart, reached in, and ripped at whatever you could of it.  You lousy human you.

Help me turn this vile disgusting act of animal dumping (on me) and dishonesty into a happy ending for me and for the kitty.  As for her, karma will get her.  She probably treats people this way all the time.  Seems well practised.  Must be a miserable kind of life.

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