Thursday, May 30, 2013

11 More Cats Over Being Fixed Today, Plus Others from KATA

I took over 11 cats today to be fixed at Heartland in Corvallis. Thank you Heartland for helping make a dent in the tragedy of overpopulation in this area.

They are currently the only option for fixing local cats.  They will also fix ferals.  However, the clinic is not open to the public and groups who get cats and dogs fixed there, still must come up with the money to pay for those fixes.

Safehaven has vouchers available, but the people I run into are not people who take the trouble to buy a voucher.  And those vouchers are only available to low income residents of Linn County.  There are no low cost options available in Benton County, outside of Oregon spay neuter coupons, that can be used at only one vet clinic in the area--Eastgate.  They lower the cost to $33 for a male and $49 I think it is, for a female.  And most of the vets who take Safehaven vouchers, if not all, won't do ferals.  So options to fix feral cats in the mid valley pretty much end when my Poppa funding ends in just over a week's time.

KATA does some spay neuter of community cats but they are severely limited by lack of low cost clinic space and lack of funds and transporters and gas money.

If people would make the effort to trap the cats they feed and transport them to the FCCO clinic, up in Portland, they could still get them fixed, but most people won't or can't do that.  I can't transport that far anymore due to my car issues.  It's leaking oil, has extreme mileage on it, and won't be running much longer, leaving me in a bind, for running it into the ground helping other people and their cats.

And because gas costs so much and most people won't contribute a dime.

It's all pretty sad.

But at least 11 more got fixed today along with I believe 10 or 12 more from KATA in Sweet Home.  Five of the eleven cats I took to be fixed today also came from KATA and their Lebanon volunteer.  They were two orange tabby boy kittens and three Siamese mix girl kittens, all rescues.

KATA rescued Seal Point Siamese female kitten over being fixed.

KATA rescue Lynx Point female kitten being fixed today.

Another KATA rescue Siamese mix female kitten being fixed today.

Two orange tabby kittens KATA Lebanon took in just yesterday who are being fixed today.  One is a boy, one is a girl.

I also picked up the Cascadia mother cat, whose two white long hair kittens were fixed last week.  Today she, and her other kitten, a little gray and white long hair boy, are being fixed.  She was abandoned and rescued by a sheriff's deputy.  Now someone in Cascadia is taking care of all four of the little family and now they will all be fixed.
Cascadia abandoned manx mother cat, being fixed today.

Gray and white long hair Cascadia male kitten being fixed today.
Also being fixed today--a long hair torti female, from the trailer park next to Heartland.  I got two orange boys fixed from that trailer the first of May but the torti had just had kittens two weeks earlier.  The people agreed to hand over the kittens to Heartland when she was fixed, so they would at least be fixed and vaccinated before going to homes.  But today, when I picked her up, they said they'd already given the kittens away unfixed.  I was not happy, because more than likely they will go on to reproduce, which is quite frustrating.
Corvallis torti fixed, who lives in the trailer park right next to Heartland.  I'd already taken in two males to be fixed from the same people.

An orange tabby Lebanon male is also being fixed. He was rounded up by Lebanon cat wrangler Heather.  She started checking with new neighbors after I encountered her a year ago, and got about 15 cats fixed around her place and took Blueberry and her four siblings in, from a junkpile out front of her place.  Now she's trying to keep the problem at bay, by making sure all neighbor cats in the area get fixed if they aren't.
Tigger, fixed from Lebanon.

Mikey, the Lynx Point from N. Albany, also is being fixed today as is my latest yard stray, Blackhawk, who is tame, but quite thin.

The Lebanon KATA volunteer has cats on her street, two of whom at least she doesn't think are fixed.  I took photos of other cats on her street when leaving last night with the cats I picked up from her, so she can check to see if they are fixed.

This young brown tabby was following around a Lynx Point male, new to the block, who isn't fixed.  So this may be an unfixed female.

Then there was this yard, where I saw five cats, including this medium hair brown tabby and a black and white long hair and three more cats on the porch (in photo below).  Don't know if they are all fixed or not.

I saw five cats in one yard, including these three, on the porch.  They may be fixed.  Don't know.
Kata in Sweet Home also took cats over to be fixed today at Heartland.  I am not sure how many, maybe ten or twelve.

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