Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seven More Local Cats Fixed at the FCCO.

I took up seven more cats to be fixed at the FCCO today.  Five more were from the Lacomb colony.  She caught them all she thinks.  I took up the first six last Friday.  Now we think she got them all with these five.

Big adult tabby with white male fixed today from Lacomb.
The above male got away from me in my garage the day she brought all five over.  I was going to house them in cages until today when they were fixed.  She caught them early.  But two of the cages I have aren't set up well for transferring from a trap to the cage.  They have big wide opening doors.  He bolted out, once in the cage, when the trap stuck on something, when I was pulling it out.  He was supposed to be so feral.  He ran to the corner of the garage, behind my shop bench and scrap wood and hid his head.

It was a hard place to get to.  I had to remove all the scrap wood.  I set a trap thinking he would want to hide from me in something a bit familiar.  But finally I just reached back in there and got him by the scruff after petting him some, along his back, to let him know I wasn't anybody that would hurt him, and pulled him out backwards into the trap.  He did some mandatory hissing at me, once in the big cage, but settled in quickly and was glad for some warmed up wet food.  They all were. Especially the adult black female and the two teens, in one large cage together.  They'd wait for the steaming plate of warm wet food.  Gobble it down, then stare at me, asking for more.  So I would give them more.  I gave them all they wanted while here.  I like doing that.  Pampering the ferals.  Where else they going to get some pampering?  They do here!  And I like coddling them.  I like it very much.
Black adult female fixed today.

Black adult female and tabby tux male teen, in traps in the back of my car.

Black tux adult male fixed today.

Brown tabby teen female fixed today.

Brown tabby tux male teen fixed today.
I also had been forwarded information by the FCCO about a Monmouth woman.  She's helped cats at an apartment complex, tossed out by tenants unfixed.  The unfixed strays then bred, and now management wants them gone.  Would it not be nice if the people responsible payed the price, not the people with hearts or the cats?   She's had a big male from there in her bathroom.  She needed him fixed badly.  So off he went and was fixed too.  I met her to pick him up in Corvallis.
Big black Monmouth male fixed today.
Then a Corvallis teen female was fixed also.  The woman lives on the outskirts of town and assholes dump cats there too.   I hate asshole cat dumpers and abandoners.  What's to like?   They have no redeeming character traits.  Not people you want to hang out with or even know. Anyhow, her mom had been fixed at the Corvallis FCCO clinic and now she too is fixed.
Corvallis teen girl fixed today.
Three other cats were lined up, from Lacomb, to be fixed at Heartland, transported to be fixed by the woman with two males. She was going to take her neighbors' female also, knowing they would never get her fixed.  Hopefully they also got fixed, which would make today's total 10 Local Cats Fixed, instead of Seven.

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