Friday, January 11, 2013

Local Paper Covers My Plight! I Want to Continue...

Read the paper article by clicking here.

The local paper sent over a reporter and photographer.  I was nervous as all get out, being a very isolated and private and sometimes paranoid person.  But the reporter, who was severely rushed (stayed less than 20 minutes) was very kind and sweet.  I told her I am afraid of the camera and there might be less then a dozen or two photos of me in existence.

Yes, I look fat in the photos.  Because I am fat.  Am working on that.

I had hoped Poppa Inc. would be mentioned and thanked for the massive money outlay for mid valley cats, but she was space limited.  My primary reason for contacting the paper was for an article thanking Poppa Inc. and seeking some way to continue onward.

The need for spay neuter funding is tell taled simply by the numbers I round up, even in the last two weeks.  By Sunday and since December 30, 63 more local cats will have been fixed, thanks to the FCCO and Poppa Inc.  (and me).

I don't know how to form a plan to keep going, but I'm going to try.  I have the car issue.  216,00 cat miles on it.  Smells like it too.  Now it's leaking small amounts of oil which, my beloved tow truck friends say, might be the rear main seal, a vastly expensive repair, not because of the cost of the simple part needing replacement but due to the labor to get at it.  Very difficult in that car.  Must be pretty much disassembled.

Repair costs more than the car is worth at this point.

If it is the rear main seal, it's leaking so insignificantly right now, I should have months before the leak is too big to ignore.  But I have to deal with the car issue.  I've run it into the ground helping other people and their cats.  Thousands upon thousands of cats have taken a drive wth me.  That car has been AWESOME!

I was pretty happy to get the article.  She wrote it so fast with so little to go on I was afraid.  But she did a good job.  She loves animals.

I embarrass easily so I'm keeping a low profile today and also recuperating from a rather difficult day in Portland yesterday with the seven local cats.  My foot was still too sore to walk on much, so much of the day, I hunkered in my car.  I'd forgotten a book, but got one for almost nothing at a thrift store, another Steinbeck book I had not yet read.  And his books are so great.  But then I fell fast asleep, with car blankets  buffering me from the sharp edges of my car and the cold.

 The car's driver's seat foam has disntegrated over the years, to become almost nonexistant.  Sometimes I use a pillow to buffer the sharp edges and raise me back up to normal height when on the seat.  I need to rig a better system or replace the foam altogether.

Well anyhow, that's life.  We stumble along and do the best we can.

If I type too much or work too much with my hands now my finger joints swell with osteoarthritis and my fingers get crooked from the ligaments and tendons being inflamed and pulling them off kilter.  Yesterday, my hands were inflamed from over use again.  I'm getting old.

I'll probably end up putting the nonprofit filing fee on my credit card, in the end, if I have to.  But finding board members, that might be the make or break aspect of this endeavor.  I don't want people who are not involved, who just sign on as board members so I can get the nonprofit.  I need working board members.  I'm not much good at many things.  To make this work, I'd need people who are good at things like fund raising and accounting.

I'm trying.  As best I can.  Requesting help from the paper was extremely scary for me.  But that kind reporter made it far easier.

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