Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Few Good Cats

Honey, from the Corvallis Homeless Camp (formerly). 
Christmas card pole!

Formerly unwanted Meesa with the Christmas Tree!

A few brief moments of snow.

Sam on the right.  Blueberry on the left.

Genius Cat Juno (formerly roamed a seed warehouse)

Mums the magnificent!

Old Electra with her buddy the kind hearted Slurpy.

The always fashionable and cute Deaf Miss Daisy, pretending to sleep so her photo can be taken.

Fat Oci, whose right eye always gleams due to damage, Forest, in the middle, glad he didn't join the pile of dead cat bones at the Bone Pile Colony, and Comet of Heatherdale (formerly speaking).
Button, the torbi, sister of Tweetie, both among kittens I removed from Columbus Greens Trailer Park, when the old woman who fed 16 cats dropped dead.  I took them all out. The family pledged to donate and help find them homes but they were lying.   As usual.  Nonetheless, they were saved.  All got other homes except Tweetie and Button.  The interesting part is the family put something in the paper obit, or someone did, that a fund was set up, through the funeral home, for donations to go to me to help care for the cats the deceased left behind, only I knew nothing about that inclusion in the obit and the funeral home didn't even have my contact information.  I called the funeral home to find out what the fuck, and they claimed there had been two donations but another employee claimed there were none.  I said why would you set up a fund without even knowing where to send the money, if you got donations, are you pocketing it, is this another fricking racket?  I got no good answer and no donations.  But I don't want to end up dead at that funeral home.  And those brothers, who claimed they loved their mom, and that they would donate and all, help find homes for all those poor kittens, the A-hole bro's (as I refer to them in my mind when I think of them), they're both contractors and I never want to see them again either.  I'll flip them off.  I sure will. 

Hairy, freezing in the garage cat room, which is why I put a heater in there this evening.  He likes being warm and well fed, which is why he just received a plate of warmed wet cat food.  I am the willing cat slave!  

Magnificent long and large Smolder, son of Sage.  He's not a kitten anymore.

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