Friday, October 19, 2012

Photos guessed it....CATS!

Sam in the window with one of his best friends, Mums, originally from the Shovel Killer Christian Neighbor colony in Lebanon.

Sam the Peeman likes his naps comfy.

Shaulin, originally from the Mad Scientist Bengal Breeder man in Albany, is very happy here.

Slurpy and Deaf Miss Daisy are best of friends.

My wonderful Miss Daisy.  She's getting old.
Rose and Forest (formerly Freddie, formerly Terminator), still wait for homes from the Lebanon Bone Pile colony.

Snow, also from the Bone Pile Colony, also still waits for a home.
Funny Face, the torti, sporting ear tip now, out at Extreme Seniors.  I caught their mom, the last unfixed cat out there, night before last.  Funny Face was fixed last Friday.
Juno out in the cat yard.
For holding ferals before and after surgery, I made this cage, from an old rabbit hutch. I wanted a sliding door on it.  There's a cat in there now, who will be fixed Saturday.

Modified rabbit hutch for holding ferals.  The sliding door I installed allows for easy transfer in and out and is far more secure then the lift up wire door on regular hutches.  I got that plastic grooved green strip, that holds the door and allows it to slide, at Home Depot, and cut it to fit.  I glued it on with gorilla glue but also added a couple of screws.  The sliding door itself is two of those coated wire squares zip tied together.  You can get them often in stacks at Goodwill but also are sold at places like Target. I can clean the hutch safely by closing the carrier door through the mesh and can remove the cat easily by closing the carrier door and pulling the carrier with cat out.

The two black Corvallis business boys are leavnig today for their new home.

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