Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day of Rain Turns to Day of Sun. 12 More Local Cats Fixed Yesterday

I took 12 cats down to S/nipped yesterday to be fixed.  While in the midst of picking them all up, the night before, I was called by the Two Legged Torti colony caretaker.  One of the teens fixed two weeks ago, a girl, had been found dead in the parking lot, apparently hit by a car.  She was very upset.  I quickly made them a housing unit from an old carrier left in my yard, to help keep the cats off the busy streets that surround them, and out of car engines, in search of cover and warmth.

Rest in Peace little girl, dead already, dead by car.
The week before last, I took seven cats to Heartland from a house on Hill street over run.  I took four little kittens and three teens.  Yesterday the rest were fixed.
A boy named Ashley, fixed yesterday.

The mom of the four kittens Heartland took in, now fixed!

Mona, adult female from Hill street house, now fixed.
A girl named Harley.  Teen Hill street female fixed yesterday.

Smokey, a grogeous teen male, fixed yesterday from the Hill street house.

Two other prolific Albany females finally were fixed also.  Both have had kittens.  One, Vendetta, was kicked out of her house, when the landlord discovered her owner with cats, lots of them (two mothers with kittens) and now lives in a garage of a friend of hers, with her latest litter.  She had been sick with coccidia.  Finally now she is fixed, at least, but there are still those four kittens in the garage too.
Vendetta, finally fixed, at least.
And this female is finally fixed, Major Spears they call her.  She too had kittens, several dead already from flea anemia.
Black male Brother, a feral from Corvallis, was also fixed.  He really got the celebrity treatment at S/nipped.  Here, he recovers wrapped in electric blankets.  Who would even want to wake up?

Whipples, a young Corvallis owned female, was fixed yesterday also.
I had some fun too.  The weather was supposed to be nasty and rainy.  But instead, it was sunny and warm and wonderful.  I spent the day, while the cats were fixed, out at Sunset Bay beach. I took a lunch, a sandwich I bought at Walmart.  It was tasteless.  I gave up trying to eat it and gave it to the sky full of gulls, begging.  I laid out my blanket on the beach and took a long nap.  Then I walked up and down the bay, shoes off, pants rolled up, scuffing the surf water as it ebbed in and out.  It was delightful!  A lone stand up paddle boarder trolled around where the surf should be casting in waves.  But there were no waves.  The bay was still as a lake.  There's nothing sadder than a surfer waiting for waves that never come.
Gull expresses opinion yesterday at Sunset Bay.

Surfer without a wave.

Wall walkers.  Beach visitors often cannot resist the urge to walk cracks in the bay cliff around to reefs around the corner.  However, many have been caught as the tide comes in and the coast guard has to pluck them from rocks.
I also visited the Elk place outside Reedsport, a restored marsh.  I stop there to use the restrooms on the way and to relax a bit on the way back.  The ducks and geese were enjoying the afternoon as were the elk.

The Elk place yesterday morning very early.

Down at the Empire boat launch, where people also crab off the pier, two women had waded into the water with their dogs.
I was told here, in the valley, that yesterday the rain pounded down.  Where I was in Oregon, on the south coast, while 12 mid valley cats were fixed, the sun shone down on me!  The day was glorious!

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