Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Dancing! Blueberry Got a Home!

Heartland Humane in Corvallis told me, when I called about surgeries tomorrow, that Blueberry was getting a home as we spoke on the phone, with a vet student, no less!!  I wanted to fall on my knees in overwhelming relief.

I turned Blueberry over to Heartland a few weeks ago.  She and four other kittens came from Lebanon and were found playing by a busy main road.  I took all five.  Blueberry was the only one who did not get a home from here.  They were born outside, on the shy side, ten weeks old when I took them in.  I subsequently got 13 more cats fixed in that little area, including every unfixed male and their mother.

I'd been going nuts with guilt, to see Blueberry over there in a cage.  I don't know why she got to me so.

Yahoo!!!  Blueberry got a home!

You go, girl!

In other news, Ava, mom of the Hole in the Wall kittens, from the Bone Pile Colony, went up to be with Isis,  Snow's mom, up in the Sherwood area.  Yay for Ava!
Goodbye Ava!

Goodbye Solo and Good luck  From dumpster diving for food to being cared for by human hands and doctors.  What a heart warming story of hope.
And Solo went up too.  She needed to see a vet.  Her belly was ballooned.  I feared since she had been eating trash, she had a blockage.  She had not gone to the bathroom since I trapped her over there what was it, a couple nights ago.  Last night, I resorted to warm vegetable oil by mouth and fluids.  So Poppa Inc.'s presidents' friend paid for her to go to the vet, where it was found she has a rectal vaginal fistula--a tear, which could have resulted from straining due to constipation or worms.  Anyhow, she's going to get repaired, thank goodness.  And she had a nice poop finally.  Probably overdid the vegetable oil last night.  Only Poppa's president would know people willing to do that for a little stray girl kitten.  Am so grateful.

Oh, and 8 local cats were fixed at the FCCO today also. Almost forgot to mention that.  The four I trapped over in Lebanon yesterday at the first old woman's place were fixed.  They were a mom and her three teenage girls.  Yup.  All four were girls.

One of the cats from the Lebanon 90 year old coloniy, a teenage torti, also went and was fixed.

And three teens from Albany were fixed, all from the Two Legged Torti colony, two girls and a boy.

Not a bad day for local cats.

However, there is another sad story.  There's this torti, from another Lebanon colony, cared for by a couple both very close to 90 years old.  The old man is over 90 while is wife is just under 90.  This torti is a stray.  They won't feed her, citing cat food costs.  She was left behind by someone or perhaps, they mused, a druggee neighbors cat although he claims it isn't his.  They said he starved his pitbull nearly to death also.  She had an old frayed pink collar, no tag.  She is skinny, dehydrated and sick.  I trapped her last night along with two feral teen females, as well as netting, trapping four tiny starving kittens.

The starving torti is so sweet.  I've set her up in a cage, given her fluids, but I don't know if she's on her way out of this life or just been starved and thirsty far too long.  Who did this to her?  I'd like to beat the crap out of them.  She's depressed and weak, too.  Slowly she's starved to death over time and that can harm organs and make her prone to disease.  We'll see.  Sometimes, they say, she gets crumbs left after he feeds the ones he feeds, mostly muted torti's and a classic torti, all from one mother who showed up and had kittens.  They're mad about it, but will feed the mom and four teens if fixed.
The Starving Skinny Torti, with old frayed pink collar.

The kittens I netted and trapped out at the colony beyond Lebanon. They're so underweight for their age, and were dehydrated.  They devoured two plates of wet food once caught.  Three little orange tabby boys and a black girl.  The old couple said they didn't feed these kittens either, claimed they were dumped, but I could see even from a distance the milk bags on the mother cat they feed.  They are her second litter this summer.

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