Friday, October 12, 2012

20 Local Cats Fixed Last Three Days

I've been a busy body these last weeks, rounding up cats at record pace.  There's an urgency to my actions these days.  The nonprofit up in Beaverton that has funded the spays and neuters of cats, feral and owned, that I've rounded up the last 10 years or so, is closing, first of next summer.  After that, I will be lost, afloat, without a way to go forward with my self-appointed job.  What will I do then?

I don't know what I will do then.  May not matter much.  If Romney/Ryan win and cap income tax deductions to pay for tax decreases, there won't be much left of the nonprofit world and its work, I'm afraid.

Poppa Inc., (Pet Overpopulation Prevention Advocates) created by a master gardner and diehard hard working volunteer Keni Cyr-Rumble, to answer a great need, a loophole in the system to help get cats fixed---funds to pay directly to mostly private clinics, has helped fix thousands upon thousands of mid valley cats.  Nobody was ever paid at Poppa Inc.  You've never met such people in your life, mostly outspoken liberals, dedicated to helping people and making the world better.

To end up where I am in this very poverty stricken county, where animal neglect and cruelty, among many other problems, is extreme, Poppa Inc. has proven a godsend.  I'm not religious though, just using the vocabulary!

I hooked up with them years ago, when Keni answered an ad when I was trying to place unwanted Albany trailer park cats.  I then lived in Corvallis.  She took them in and they lived long lives, and then I started volunteering up there, when I get enough gas and my car would run.  I had a $200 crap car, that dropped parts routinely.  Most of the time, I had the dash off in attempts to rewire it.  No heater.  No working gas gauge.  But it was the first car I'd owned in a very long time and suddenly I could get out of Corvallis.  I'd been trapped there for years and years, due to extreme poverty and no transportation.  This was in the early to mid 2000's.  My life had actually just begun, after leaving the mental health system.

I tell people my real life began in the year 2001, when I left the mental health system, its forced drugs and useless patronistic "you'll always be a loser therapy", abuse and meaninglessness behind.  It was only a couple years after that I got involved with Poppa Inc. and it's fund raising volunteer run nursery, Recycled Gardens.  That's where I met the best people in the world, people full of hope, people who don't cry about problems, but dig in to try to solve them.

I will miss Poppa Inc.  I will be in debt to Poppa Inc., for giving me a purpose in life, forever.

So, Wednesday, 8 local cats went up to be fixed at the FCCO in Portland.  Plus, Ava went to a home.  She was another from the Lebanon Bone Pile colony.  And Albany dumpster diving kitten Solo was treated to vet care and will end up in a home one day, if all goes well.  She also remained in Portland.

The 8 cats fixed Wednesday were four cats from Lebanon.  The old woman had started feeding a tame abandoned stray female, who then had three kittens, now teens.  She then had another litter.  The old woman took those kittens from her at four weeks of age, and has them inside, so they will be nice and tame and adoptable.  I trapped mom and all three teen girls.  All were fixed Wednesday.

Abbytabby adult tame stray who had one litter, then another.  Fixed now.

Teen brown tabby tux female fixed Wednesday at the FCCO.

DMH abby tabby teen female, fixed last Wednesday.

Classic torti teen, with bobtail, fixed last Wednesday.

I trapped three of four teens needing fixed from the Albany Two Legged torti colony.  I took nine to be fixed from there last spring and helped find placements for 14 kittens.  However, all nine adults were females and many were lactating and I knew there had to be more kittens somewhere.  Well, there were, but now they are getting fixed.  The three I drop trapped were two girls and a boy.

Extreme Seniors Lebanon colony torti teen fixed last Wednesday.
I netted this kitten moments after taking this photo.  Even though my camera focused on the foreground, I didn't delete it, because it seemed to fit, that the kitten, and his three siblings, starving and dehydrated, were living, and about to die, almost invisible.

The 8th cat fixed was the first from the Extreme Seniors Lebanon colony.  Two old folks, one just over 90, the other just under 90, were overwhelmed in cats.  I believe they all originated from a neighbors place and I believe the starving tame torti began it all, uncared for and unfixed and now in dire straits.   She is in my bathroom.  I netted four very young kittens and caught four teen females, now all fixed.  I still have to catch the mother.

Starving tame torti from Extreme Seniors.

This  colony imitates the other Lebanon colony, in that one mother, the one not yet caught, had a litter earlier this summer, then another litter now four weeks old.  In this case, I had to net the youngest litter who are now with KATA.  At least the four teen girls are all fixed now. I'll catch the mother.  The first teen, a fire torti, was fixed last Wednesday.

Thursday, five Tangent cats, caught in a ditch by a persistent Tangent woman, were fixed at Heartland.  A mom and her four kittens.  The Tangent woman's trap was stolen Saturday.  Undaunted, she borrowed a trap to finish the job

Tangent Female fixed Thursday at Heartland.

One of the four Tangent kittens also fixed Thursday at Heartland.
.Poppa Inc. paid for those five to be fixed.  Also fixed, two Albany kittens, two Corvallis business teen boys, and a second teen girl from the Lebanon Extreme Seniors colony.  Ten in all.

Albany kitten Eva fixed Thursday at Heartland.

Albany kitten Wally fixed Thursday at Heartland.
One of the two black male Corvallis business teens fixed Thursday at Heartland. This one is fairly tame and supposed to get a home with one of the employees.
2nd Teen girl, a darling muted calico, from Extreme Seniors colony, fixed yesterday at Heartland.

Today, I ran two more teens I caught at the Extreme Seniors colony up to the FCCO.  20 in three days.

Great week for cats in this area once again!

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