Monday, October 01, 2012

14 More Local Cats Fixed Yesterday, 61 Cats Fixed Since September 10th!

61 cats since September 10th!!!  That's a lot of cats I've rounded up or trapped since the 10th.   14 of those were fixed yesterday down at the nonprofit Coos Bay S/nipped clinic, including Snow and Rose, from the Bone Pile Colony.

Today, despite exhaustion, I ran white girl, a.k.a. Ghosty, who was fixed Thursday at Heartland, up to her new home south of Portland.  She is Snow's mother, and also from the Lebanon Bone Pile colony.

That leaves me here with four of the 23 cats from the Lebanon Bone Pile Colony who did not go back there after they were fixed.  I took 30 out, .trapped most.  I took only seven of the 30 back.

The four left here are all fixed:  Snow, Rose, Freddie (formerly Terminator) and Ava, the mom of the Hole in the Wall kittens.

Snow and Rose also tested negative for FIV/Felk.

Two more Corvallis business cats, both boy teens, made the trip also.
Corvallis business teen brothers, one brown tabby, one black, both fixed yesterday.

Three more to trap there.

An Albany male went, and despite promises from the owner, to actually pick up the cat on time when he returned, she did not do so.  I made her promise after she was difficult to contact twice before, for pickup when I took other cats to be fixed for her and her relatives.

This is him.  At least he's fixed now.
 Last night I was very upset that she would do it again, after the promise just the day before that once I called, she'd answer and be there waiting.  She didn't answer her phone when I called.  So I texted.  then I texted again.  I e-mailed.  I had done her another huge favor and yet this is how I get treated.  I told her I'd been up since 3:30 a.m. to get to that clinic, with her cat, to get him fixed.  Why in the world would she treat someone helping her to that extent, like this?  I got no answer.  I did get yelled at and outrage from the woman when she finally picked up her cat, an hour and a half late.

I told her "no more", that she would receive no more help from me and walked away.  It was funny that someone making me wait like that, after doing them such a huge favor, would,  instead of apologizing, be outraged.  That's our entitlement society I guess.

I took in nine cats from a Lebanon block also.  Six of those were kittens from a mother cat already taken up to the FCCO to be fixed by another Lebanon woman who has become involved.  I took in a neighbor's male, born to a stray female, and I took in two other males from the next house.  In all, I took down 14 cats, 12 of whom were males.

Cocoa, Lebanon male fixed yesterday.

Hercules, another Lebanon male now fixed.

Kabooka, another big tame male from the same block now fixed.

Leo, one of six fixed, he was one of the five boys.

Mister, another brown tabby male kitten fixed yesterday.
Then there were three orange boy kittens fixed.  One, Bongo, had normal toes while the other two were polydactyl.

Wild One, the black girl kitten from Lebanon fixed yesterday.

What I have accomplished in the last three weeks for cats and people in this area is magnificent!

Thank you to my cohorts in crime--Poppa Inc., the nonprofit that pays the clinics I use for the spays and neuters, the FCCO (Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon), 28 of the 61 were fixed there; S/nipped, the Coos Bay Humane Alliance spay neuter clinic, 29 of the cats were fixed there; Humane Society of the Willamette Valley's spay neuter clinic, 2 were done there, and Heartland Humane's clinic, where 3 were fixed.  I'd also like to thank Heartland, for taking in Miley, from the Bone Pile colony, and Blueberry, the gray long hair girl, from another Lebanon situation.  I'd like to thank Safehaven, for taking in four of the Bone Pile colony kittens.  I'd like to thank KATA for taking in six of the Bone Pile colony kittens.

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