Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hole in the Wall Gang Kittens Plus Polly Now with KATA!

Today, KATA (Kitty Angel Adoption Team), located out of Foster, Oregon, which is really Sweet Home, took in the four hole in the wall kittens.  Now those little buggers have been around.  After the gray tux kitten first dropped four feet from the hole in the concrete foundation wall, to the cement stairs below, they have been around.  First they were fostered in Lebanon.  Then I whisked them off to join their just spayed mom, Ava, up in Wilsonville.  After I was asked to retrieve the fosters there, they have been with me.  Now, they're up in Foster.  Well traveled kittens.  It shows. They ADORE people!
Black tux little male kitten.

Hole in the Wall Gang right after rescue.

Young mother Ava, with her kittens sleeping atop her.

The Jumper.  This is the kitten who first dove out that hole in the wall, to land four feet below.  This is him just after rescue.

Three of the Hole in the Wall kittens.

And that's Polly in the background there ,with her brother up front, the day I sent them off to be fostered in Lebanon.  The little boy also needs a home.

Polly has been around some too, and loves those Hole in the Wall kittens.   When nobody cared about her up at that property and were going to shoot the kittens, for that beginning, Polly has already visited a vet twice.  Can you believe that?  A little stray kitten, unnoticed in her suffering, starving, hated,  now just surrounded in love everywhere she goes.

I'm going to cry right now writing about her.

I've still got three teens--tough guy Freddie, angel Snow and beautiful Rose.  I've got Ava, the Hole in the Wall kittens' young mom and I don't know what to do with her.  And I've got Snow and Freddie's mom, the white girl, but she's been offered sanctuary near Sherwood and will leave Monday.

People have stepped up.  The usual suspects, I should say, have stepped up.  The kind and caring people I hang out with, the action heroes who don't sit around and complain or sigh over problems, they jump in and solve it or try to, with all their hearts.

They give humans a good name.

Am proud to know so many.

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