Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photos of Cats Fixed Yesterday

13 Cats were fixed yesterday at the FCCO, three from an Albany colony and 10 from the Lebanon colony.  These Lebanon cats included three kittens I trapped the time before and had in my bathroom: a brown tabby male kitten (Terminator), a gray tux kitten (Grasshopper) and a black long hair boy kitten (Andre the Black).  After these three were fixed yesterday, two, Andre and Grasshopper, along with a third kitten I trapped Thursday night, who also was fixed Friday, a fox face Siamese of whom I have no picture, went to an FCCO volunteer who will foster and tame them and find them homes.

Terminator, along with a second white female kitten I trapped Thursday night, went temporarily to Wilsonville after being fixed Friday and they will then go to a foster man in Salem.

Sylvester, tame owned male from the Lebanon colony, fixed yesterday.

Big brown tabby male fixed yesterday and returned to the Lebanon colony today.

White female kitten, caught Thursday night, fixed Friday and now in foster.

Terminator, the brown tabby male kitten, and beyond him the white female, fixed yesterday and beyond her, the medium hair white kitten not yet caught.

Grasshopper, the gray tux kitten, now in foster care up in Portland.

Terminator, the brown tabby kitten, when still at the colony, sleeping with his white kitten buddies.

So, the bathroom three kittens left, to be fixed then on to foster options, and I trapped seven more at the colony that Thursday night, who were also fixed.  Two more kittens, one of two white ones left up there and one of two Siamese, and five adults.  Two of those, a tame black and white male, and a big brown tabby male, were returned this morning.  The other three, all adult females, are still here and I have a barn home for them if I don't just take them back.  After all, that is their home and it is very tough on adult ferals to relocate.
Adult black tux female fixed yesterday from the Lebanon colony.

Long hair dark brown tabby tux female fixed yesterday.
DLH black tux female fixed yesterday.

The three fixed from the Albany colony were all girls.  Last week, the other seven cats got fixed.

The white with black adult female fixed yesterday (in photo above and below).

Gray and white teen female fixed yesterday.
Black and white teen female fixed yesterday.

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