Friday, September 21, 2012

13 More Cats Fixed. Five More Kittens Into Foster from Lebanon Colony.

Last night I trapped six more cats up at the Lebanon colony.  I also loaded up a tame unfixed male, owned by a property resident.  27 removed for fixing and foster now from there.  As of tomorrow, only four of those 27 have returned.  All the rest are in foster, shelters, rescues or homes now except three adult females, who are going next week to a barn home.  That's a damn good and quick outcome for that situation, although there is still a little work to do.  The Albany colony man also trapped the last three there  at his colony that needed fixed.  That one is done.

Up at the Lebanon colony last night, I caught another white kitten, who turned out also to be a girl, and I caught one of the two Siamese kittens left.  I felt so terrible to not catch that last little Siamese kitten as she will not survive long if not caught.

I caught a big brown tabby male and he will go back tomorrow, as he is likely not part of the colony, but a roam in looking for love.  He's neutered now!

I caught three young adult females, two black and white, one long hair, one short hair, and a young dark brown tabby tux medium hair female too.  I have a barn home lined up for those three girls, once I get colony caretaker permission.  I know she wants all but the tame ones gone, so am sure she'll jump at the offer.

I also took up the three kittens in my bathroom to be fixed and they didn't come home with me.  I took the gray tux, Grasshopper, Andre the Black, the black long hair boy kitten, and Terminator, the brown tabby boy.  A long time FCCO volunteer offered to take Grasshopper, Andre and the Siamese trapped last night.  I was so happy.

I left the white girl kitten, who was alive in fleas, and Terminator a.k.a. Young Einstein, with the Wilsonville woman, who had already taken in 8 of the Lebanon cats, although she already got one tame enough for OHS and he's there now. So she's down to seven. Or was until I left white girl and Terminator there.  But they won't be there long.  Those 8 she intially fostered included Gray long hair mom Ava and the Hole in the Wall kittens.  A man new to foster, a catman from Salem, will pick up the white girl and the brown tabby soon to tame into proper house kittens.

So I came home with just the three young adult girls from the Lebanon colony, the tame owned male and the brown tabby big guy, the likely roam in.  The latter two will go back home tomorrow and the three girls will wait here, to see if I can connect with the colony caretakers or get permission otherwise from the property owner, to send them off to the offered barn home next week.

Great outcome for those Lebanon cats thus far and for the property occupants.  Been a lot of work, but now I think I'm down to six up there needing fixed, three of those being owned tame males.

And with the Albany colony now done too, I'm looking at a break.  Sure I will catch those last three up at the Lebanon colony, the kittens being the most urgent, but the situation is nearly contained and a feeling of relief and accomplishment floods my soul.

 Gratitude for all the help I received also overwhelms me.  The Wilsonville woman, who also donated cat food besides fostering so many,  a Portland woman who donated some kitten food, a Canadian who sends me canned kitten food which has been so helpful, a lifeline actually, the Salem man taking on two, the FCCO volunteer who took in three today to foster, the Lebanon woman, whom I helped earlier this summer fix her colony of about 20 cats and get the 24 kittens out and into shelters and rescues, now helping foster kittens, a Corvallis woman who donated a couple bags of cat food which I took up to the colony caretaker, Safehaven taking four and Heartland one, when already overwhelmed, like everybody else, in unwanteds.

I have met the best people out helping cats I could ever dream of meeting in my life!

I went to K's to sleep after dropping of the cats, and saw some familiar faces.
Ava, from the Lebanon colony, with her kittens, the Hole in the Wall Gang.  

Worth Saving!  Ava looks so self satisfied with her kittens draped over her.  A very happy proud mother.  (for now)

Picasso, whom K also took in from me.  He's from Lebanon too, from that woman who left the dirty carriers they had been housed in for a couple days before she brought Picasso and Mufasa over, to be fixed. She never did pick those up. She was trying to save them and find them homes, so relinquished them eagerly to K when she offered.  The boys are about to head off to OHS (Oregon Humane) and put up for adoption.

This is what Picasso looked like when I took him in.

Mufasa is the most fun loving friendly cat you could imagine.

This was him back when I took him to be fixed from the Lebanon woman trying to find the boys homes.
This is the white adult female who still needs caught and fixed, from the colony.

Hole in the Wall kittens again, now up in Wilsonville.

Gouda and Brie, both girls, fixed last week from the colony, now in Wilsonville.   Their brother, Pepper Jack, is at OHS.  K said he was ready to be put up for adoption, purring and tame.

Grasshopper, the gray tux kitten, was fixed yesterday and taken in to foster by a long time FCCO volunteer, along with Andre the Black and the latest Siamese I'd trapped up there.

Andre the Black is behind Miley in this photo.  Miley is at Heartland.

I caught this white female kitten night before last at the colony and she was fixed yesterday.  She was alive in fleas.  She will be fostered along with Young Einstein, the brown tabby male kitten, in Salem.  Getting some of these kittens tamed down is still going to be a lot of work for those who have taken the task on.  

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