Wednesday, September 12, 2012

China Attempts to Regulate Art in Corvallis, OR

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It's not even particularly good art.  But it bothers China so they have sent diplomats (thugs) to Corvallis to try to strong arm the Corvallis mayor into requiring the artworks' removal.  They do not seem to understand freedom either, somewhat like Muslims in Libya who killed some people in the fiery outrage who had helped free that city and save millions of their Libyan Muslim asses not very long ago.  Man alive.

All over a stupid movie that asshole Florida crazy preacher is promoting against Islam. It's permited here, to make bad movies, freedom of speech, even rotten inflammatory shit like that movie purposely created to whip up Muslims.  And the sad part it, it looks like there never really was a movie, just a couple of youtube clips, made by some man who wanted to start a war, and lied that he was Jewish, and that 100 Jews funded the movie, which doesn't seem to exist.  The name he goes by is fake.  Can you believe someone would do that, try to start a war, using a hoax like this?  I hope the FBI gets to the bottom of it and the guy gets his arrested for such a stunt.  Maybe it's Glen Beck.  Wouldn't put it past that nutcase. I couldn't care less about Muslim feelings.  I don't like religion.  I couldn't care less about Mormon feelings or Catholic feelings.  I care about individuals, not their stupid religions or even their stupid haircuts.  Have you noticed the mohawk cut is coming back?

Muslims don't care about anybody at all.  They burn our flag.  They kill Christians and each other in really grisly nonreligious ways.  But we're supposed to care about them. It's really hard on me to try to like, let alone love, a few of my neighbors.  I'm not wasting effort trying to love or even like some Muslim killer in Libya.  Sorry, I'm not up for that so don't ask me to try.  I'm one of those who thinks a bell rings every time a Taliban gets killed.

 Fanatics upon fanatics and caught in the crossfire were those embassy employees, wonderful people, who died.

Religion kills.

Let freedom ring!  Even in the expression of bad art in Corvallis.  Go for it!!

The world doesn't understand.  Who cares?

So our representatives are having some fun with this and Corvallis is getting its 15 minutes.  Yeah, whatever.

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