Thursday, September 13, 2012

Help These Cats!!! Foster Homes and Cat Food Needed!

I got into a new bad horrible Lebanon situation.  15 plus adults need caught and fixed and then there are the kittens.  Tiny to teen.  Crawling in fleas, skinny.

The main caretaker is a woman living in her step mom's basement.  She has only a few hours per week of work, so barely survives, and often can't feed them anything but scraps and there are so many to feed.

I took her two bags of dry food today.  I can't really afford to do that, but I couldn't help myself.  There is something wrong with me.  Need major league cat food donations my way, to feed my cats and for cats like these, I run into.

I was just going to look at the situation, since I have no place right now to get them fixed.  I had one trap in the car, decided to try to catch one or two of the white ones or Siamese ones, and Becky in Lebanon said she'd try to tame them up.  So we tied a line to a bottle neck and propped the trap open with a bottle and put wet food in the back and then stood back to wait.

You may as well have been standing in a beehive.  I was swarmed by wasps and bees and stung twice on my shoulder.

Finally caught one Siamese kitten with one of his siblings, a gray tux.  There were cats everywhere.  And the bee and wasp swarms.  Angry yellow jackets landing on my sandaled feet and stinging.  Was not pretty.

She said there were young kittens in the foundation.  The hole was about four or five feet up a concrete wall, steps beneath, concrete too.  A hinged board covered the hole.  The mom cat climbed the cement and pulled the board up to get in.  I peeked in with a flashlight and saw four kittens way back.

She had a net, but it barely fit through the hole and they just moved back away from it.  So we left, to figure some plan.  Came back around about 15 minutes later, and the little four week old gray tux kitten had made the jump down.  Guess they saw daylight and wanted out of that cave of darkness which had been their life since birth.  The other three were lined up behind the board ready to make that nasty jump too.  I grabbed them before they could.

All four are with a friend in Lebanon, in her bathroom.  I bought her KMR, another $20 down the drain.

They're about ready to eat wet food.  They were so hungry, so dehydrated, so dirty, crawling in fleas.  They hadn't much time left on earth.  Guess it was fate we looked for them.  They're darn cute.  The Siamese girl prances around like a princess already.  At four weeks!

Need fosters to step up and foster or adopt the older kittens!!! Please!

A dozen kittens could get out of that awful life into real lives if I can find a dozen willing people. They'll need handling and patience but they will come around.  They're seven to 12 weeks of age, most of them I think, but I thought the gray tux and Siamese I trapped were like 12 weeks, until I trapped them.  They're not even two pounds.

I need fosterers or homes.  And I need cat food.  Spread the word.

I took a few photos.  Not many.  But you might get the drift.  There are at least three white kittens, one with medium hair, the other two short hair.  There are at least two gray kittens, one medium hair, one short and that short hair one is very skinny.  There are four Siamese kittens in all, one in hand.  There's a brown tabby kitten and a few black kittens and a whole lot of black tux kittens.  There are supposedly two young ones from a polydactyl tame calico down in the briars.  They're supposed to be only five or so weeks old.  Those are the ones I saw!  This is the Green Eyed Cat Colony.  I've never seen so many beautiful green eyes. The Siamese have blue eyes.  But my goodness, there are green eyes everywhere.

The Jumper.  This is the gray tux male kitten who jumped the four or five feet out of the hole to cement.

Hole in the wall kittens, two boys, two girls.

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