Friday, September 14, 2012

14 More Cats, Kittens Caught at Lebanon Colony

The woman who contacted me was not on hand tonight, as I attempted to catch adults for extra spots at the FCCO clinic.  She is a Bible thumper.  Maybe she was at church.  Her brother claims she has a boyfriend she's trying to fix.  I don't know what's wrong with him needs fixing.  We're all broken.  Her relatives and various other people coming and going were there.

Tonight I found out the relatives plan to shoot the kittens, calling them "useless" and because there are so many.  The woman misled me.  She never told me that.

I'm angry.

Nobody helped.  The old woman came out to yell at me "don't you bring those cats back".  She fed them originally.  .

It was stressful, sad, lonely, despairing.

I tried not to react, not to the people there or those coming and going, or even in my own mind, it was so sad.

On the way home, when I finally called it a night, I suddenly broke down into sobs and had to pull over for a few minutes.

I thought I was ok, but it just broke free of me.

I wonder how I will ever solve this, get the kittens into homes or fosterers or rescues.  How in the world?  I've still got Twinkle and Blueberry here waiting.  Nothing I do is right.  I should not have become involved.  Now that I am, my neighbors will condemn me if they find out I have kittens in my garage.  Oh well.  Who cares. I don't know how to do this anymore.

 I need help with this situation.  I put out pleas to one local shelter and one rescue and the shelter did not respond and the rescue said they can't help.  Everybody is overloaded.  Too many assholes.  That's the basic root cause.  Too many assholes.  Fix your cats, assholes.  Guess I'm in a mood.

Saw a new spay neuter magnet on a car.  It read "Spay/Neuter Stupid People".  Ok!

So I put out pleas online.  I've got  a few offers for bags of cat food.  What I need is for a rescue or shelter to take on the kittens, but not by killing them.  It's so hard to find shelters who won't just kill them.

So far, no offers on help with the kittens.  Inside, I am trying to control worry, over what I've done.  What if nobody else helps?  What if.......

I slept all day today which is a good thing since I ended up out so late up there and now, I can't sleep I'm such a wreck after what I saw up there and heard.

And worry over how I'll get these kittens into homes.

Somebody had to help these cats and kittens.  I guess it was supposed to happen but it sure is hard.

I said I should not have become involved earlier in the post.  Hell yes I should have become involved.  Hell yes!

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