Monday, September 17, 2012

Safehaven Takes in Four of the Bone Pile Colony Kittens!

I meant to go back to bed, but when Safehaven offered to take in some of the Bone Pile Colony kittens, I jumped at the opportunity and quickly bathed four of them.  I was so fearful of ringworm but Safehaven with their black light, found none.  What a relief.  They vow to take in the three more of the six I have (four still here, two in Lebanon in foster) on Wednesday.  There are still four or five kittens up there who need out of there.
The four still here are a black long hair, the gray tux (in photo below), Miley, whom Safehaven will take Wednesday and a brown tabby kitten.  The pair in Lebanon are both black and white, a brother and sister, siblings of the orange and white boy.  Safehaven will take that pair.  That will leave the gray tux, the black long hair and the brown tabby needing a place to call home.

I took this photo up at the colony.  I have all three of these kittens.  I call them the Three Amigas, but Safehaven just took in the black tux darling girl and the scrawny Siamese girl of the three.

Black tux darling girl kitten, now at Safehaven.

The black tux girl again, after I bathed her.

Gray girl kitten right after her bath.  She is now at Safehaven.

Orange and white boy kitten, right after bath, still wet.  I towel dry then blow dry.  He too is now at Safehaven.

Did he not clean up nicely?

Siamese girl kitten, the scrawniest of all the kittens have been so far, now at Safehaven.  Bad photo I know, but I was bathing them then late to get them to Safehaven.

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