Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jack and Robinhood are Still at Heartland

I am worried about Jack and Robinhood.  Both are still at Heartland.  Jack is the tame Siamese I found in Albany with the embedded collar whose owner, when called from the tag number, didn't want him back or care he was injured.

Robinhood was adopted out after being abandoned in Albany, at least twice, to a Philomath family.  But they  didn't pay much attention to him and a neighbor kept taking him to Heartland.  After the last catnap by the neighbor with issues,  the family has decided to leave him at Heartland, meaning he has once again been abandoned by his people.

Heartland renamed him Kelp for some reason.  I hate that name.  Robinhood fit him.

I fear for these boys.  I don't know if they'll get homes and if Robin gets another home, will he just be abandoned once again?  People are not very nice.

Juno is back here.  The Brownsville woman who took her in told me last night she was lethargic.  She claimed she would come at her hissing and clawing when she even went into the cage.  She's perfectly benign here, but sick all right, dehydrated, has aged visibly and I feel bad for her.  I don't know what is wrong.

I want to cry these days.  I am so alone here.  I have nothing to look forward to either.

UPDATE:   I took Juno to the vet she was in such bad shape.  Her temp was almost 106.  It's probably either the extreme heat we've been having, combined with a cold and stress, or its distemper.  She was vaccinated but the woman who had her had had a distemper outbreak 8 months ago, confined to two cats who died.  But still, makes me cringe in worry, thinking I brought possibly a distemper cat here, with those three kittens I just took in from Lebanon.  Sure, I vaccinated them immediately last night.  I do that the minute a kitten comes through my door.  But protection won't start from that vaccine for ten days or so.

I've never had distemper here.  I passed a kitten to another rescue, after he was fixed and of course I"d vaccinated him, and she had a terrible outbreak.  Everybody died there.  Except the vaccinated kitten, who got ill, but survived.

However, she continued to take in cats after her outbreak, and they continued to die.  That was years ago, and the woman involved lived in Lebanon.  I've been lucky with no outbreaks.  But it's partly due to my fastidiousness about vaccination.  But I may get my first outbreak, if Juno has distemper and those kittens now get it.

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