Friday, July 06, 2012

Jamaica Gets a Home. Siamese Mom and Kittens Will Head to Brownsville

The Siamese mom and her two kittens, now in my bathroom, will soon travel to Brownsville, Oregon, where a woman will work with mom, since she is not tame, to tame her.  Her two kittens, whom I tried to catch for two weeks out at the seed warehouse, before success, will be off to WA state and a Siamese rescue there,  from Brownsville.  I netted the kitten out front in photo below, snuck up on her in the warehouse.  But the other kitten had jumped into a pallet and exited it from the backside.  I then caught Juno, the mom, but thought, since the Siamese was two weeks pregnant and not lactating, that it was another Siamese out there, whom I had known to be in heat.  But then, later, I spotted the west end Siamese, who is much darker, still out at the warehouse.  I compared photos I'd taken of the mom before, with the mom then in a hutch in my garage recovering from spay and felt bad.  It was the mom.  And one of her kittens was still out there, on her own.  I made a giant almost all night effort to catch that little girl, after spotting her 30 feet up atop seed bags piled on pallets.  And was successful.  Boy were those kittens glad to see their mother again.  I moved her from the garage hutch into my bathroom with them and watched a happy reunion.  All three will move on to new and hopefully much better lives.

Siamese mom Juno, in my bathroom with her two hard to catch girl kittens.

Juno out at the warehouse with her kittens.

Juno again, with one kitten, out at the warehouse, ever vigilant.

Seed warehouse kitten Jamaica was spayed last Monday at S/nipped and got a home yesterday with a super wonderful Lebanon couple.

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