Sunday, July 08, 2012

Free and Stolen Dogs, Cats Shot by Cruel Freaks in Marian County

Click here to go to a KGW news report on the craigslist pet killers.
This graphic has been created by Salem Friends of Felines.  A anonymous caller, perhaps someone with the alleged shooters, called a Salem area vet clinic and reported that three or four people were seen letting dogs and cats out of carriers, in a remote area of Marian County around Scotts Mills, then shooting them.  The caller claims to have heard them brag about getting some of the animals free off craigslist.  Allegedly two of the cats escaped but other dogs and cats were shot and killed.

I verified that this is not a hoax by e-mailing the Marian County sheriff's office.  A deputy called back and talked to me at length about their hope of catching these people and how they do not tolerate animal abuse in Maran County.

I hope they do catch these assholes.  Those poor animals and those poor cats who escaped way out in the boondocks with no real hope of surviving.

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