Saturday, July 28, 2012

19 Local Cats Helped Yesterday

Nine Local cats, five from Lebanon and four from Corvallis went to Heartland yesterday to be fixed,while another six from the Lebanon Bad Eye Kitten Colony, plus four kitttens from there, went off to Portland.  Six were scheduled for the FCCO clinic, to be fixed, while a Portland rescue very graciously accepted the four very ill kittens from the Lebanon Bad Eye Kitten colony, including two only three weeks of age, one of whom had no apparent ability to see, due to probably calici virus infection.  He was a little love.

One of the Corvallis females, from the trailer park on 53rd, was euthanized at Heartland due to a throat tumor.  And once again, one of the Lebanon males tested positive for Leukemia.  That colony is disgusting and horrific in the fact that nobody seems to care if they are fixed or not except for me.

I left trapping at the colony, to deliver the five Lebanon cats to a Corvallis woman, on Thursday evening, who would deliver them to Heartland Friday morning, since I would be on my way to Portland with other Lebanon cats.  By the time I returned to the colony, the caretaker had filled every food dish, with both dry and wet food, negating hope of catching more, although I did catch another somehow afterwards.  I had scooped up the food he put out with my bare hands.  Why does he do this?  I don't know.  It's so disrespectful of my time and money.

I got to Portland yesterday morning exhausted.  I delivered the cats to the clinic and was going to sit inside the clinic with the bottle babes and feed them, since the woman taking the four Lebanon kittens could not meet me for another hour, but they have a new rule that no other cats can be in the clinic.  So I had to sit in my car for an hour, to wait for the woman.  Was not easy.  At least it wasn't hot, not til later.

Two sick teens, siblings of the gray tux with the exploded eye, from Lebanon, taken in by the Portland rescue.

Two three week old kittens, from the Lebanon colony, taken in by the Portland rescue yesterday.  The gray and white male, has two clouded over eyes and may be mostly blind for life, if he survives.
Lebanon Bad Eye Kitten colony big brown tabby male, fixed yesterday.

The brown tabby male again.

Buff orange male from Lebanon colony fixed yesterday.

Black and white teen, fixed yesterday from Lebanon colony.

Black male bob tail teen, fixed yesterday from the Lebanon colony.

Calico teen, fixed yesterday from Lebanon colony.

Lebanon male, euthanized yesterday after he tested positive for leukemia.
I followed her to her clinic then, which was on the west side, a little worried I would not be able to find my way back but I was able to, later.  The clinic appointment drug out and I was so tired. The vet quickly determined calici was likely the culprit, inflaming their eyes and giving them mouth ulcers.  The two older kittens, siblings to the bad eye gray tux boy, another boy and a girl, had bad URI's, ringworm, fleas, worms, ear mites but tested negative for FIV/Felk, which was a relief since two males from the colony have now tested positive for leukemia.

The two tiny kittens, a boy and a girl, were dehydrated, had fleas, worms, and ringworm, but it was the male, the long hair gray and white, whose eyes were both clouded over, with no apparent discharge and the vet said he is likely nearly blind for life.  It had to cost the Portland woman a fortune to have all four seen.  Those kittens are so lucky she offered to do that for them.  Otherwise, they'd all have died.

I drove back to near the clinic then and tried to sleep in a stinky filthy disgusting car.  It was humid by then, and it was difficult.  Finally the cats, the five who survived, since one tested positive for leukemia, were ready to come home.

I had expected the Lebanon woman who had brought the kittens and two adult males Tuesday night here, to pick up her carriers, which are filthy.  She had delivered the two adult males in those disgusting carriers filled with soggy rotted straw.  But then Karmen in Wilsonville offered to try to place them after they were fixed. I had called the woman and she was happy to relinguish them since she was trying to find them homes.  She promised to come get her carriers.  But she didn't Wednesday evening.  She promised she would get them Thursday and didn't.  Then promised to get them Friday but didn't.  I was exhausted and to come home and see those still in my driveway, when she had promised, made me very angry.  I felt like her garbage dump.  I took in the three boy kittens, who were alive in fleas with ears clogged shut in ear mite debris and worm bellies so bad they looked pregnant, which was not easy for me.  They are to go to Heartland today.  I help somebody out to that extent, taking in some terribly neglected kittens, finding a rescue to take two adult males, and they can't simply pick up their carriers?  I felt so used and stomped on.  Now I don't know what to do with those disgusting carriers.  It's just  SO WRONG!

A lot of cats from this are got help yesterday but it was kind of a breaking point for me.  The man over there, who has neglected to fix those cats or help terrible sick kittens that, as a result, are born, he makes it hard to trap too, and has not contributed even a dime to my gas or bait costs or to the FCCO for their costs fixing his cats. I feel embarrassed, leechy, when I take cats to be fixed at the FCCO, without a donation to hand them.   It's hurting my soul, but if I don't finish and stop the breeding there, there isn't a soul in that neighborhood who would lift a finger to do so.

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