Monday, July 02, 2012

11 Local Cats Fixed Today. 2nd Warehouse Siamese Kitten Caught

I took down 11 more local cats to  be fixed at S/nipped in Coos Bay today.

The 11 included Jamaica, the black seed warehouse girl kitten, plus Brutus, a big black seed warehouse male I caught late last night.

I'd netted one of the Siamese mom's kittens.  Then I caught a Siamese adult I thought was her.  But when that Siamese, fixed last Thursday, turned out to be two weeks pregnant, I decided it must be the west side Siamese female, who had been in heat when I first started trapping this time there again.  She has been in my garage in a rabbit hutch awaiting return since being fixed.

Yesterday, I trapped the second Siamese kitten.  She is smaller than the one I netted and seemed desparete.  When I compared photos I took of the Siamese mother with her kittens before I caught any of them, and the Siamese adult fixed last Thursday, I realized I had indeed caught the kittens' mom.  Tonight, exhausted, aching for a happy ending,  I took the mom out of the rabbit hutch and into my bathroom, so she could see her kittens.

She was such a good mom when I was chasing her kittens the last ten days out at the warehouse.  She'd taught them so well, to split and run, to not go into places where there was not another way out, just a really wise mother.  I wanted her to see, that they are just fine, that all is well.  The smaller kitten immediately ran into the carrier with her mother.  Shortly, the bigger kitten, fat from three days here, did the same.  This gesture was not lost on this mother cat.

Mom is reunited with her kittens, in my bathroom.

I caught the 2nd Siamese kitten finally.
Jamaica, sweet black female kitten from the seed warehouse fixed yesterday.

Brutus, a big black unfixed male from the warehouse, fixed today.

I also took down four Albany kittens.  Their mom and four other cats from the same house were fixed last Thursday.  Now everybody is fixed there, at least.
Jonah, DMH tabby on white male kitten fixed yesterday from the Albany household.

Mikey, DMH black tux male kitten fixed yesterday from the Albany household.

Moonshine, DMH muted calico kitten fixed yesterday from the Albany house.

Starshine, DMH muted calico kitten fixed yesterday from same house.

I took down five Lebanon cats, including three kittens from the Kitten Factory colony.  The colony caretakers had fostered 7 of the 24 kittens.  Two died.  And three of the five survivors are now fixed.
Kristo, orange tabby on white male kitten, from Kitten Factory Colony in Lebanon, fixed yesterday.
Tessa, calico kitten from Kitten Factory colony, fixed yesterday.

Tom, orange tabby on white very vocal male teen, from Lebanon, fixed yesterday.

Marmo, Buff male kitten from Kitten Factory Colony fixed yesterday.

Mr. Butters, adult male orange tabby tux from Lebanon, fixed yesterday.

So, five Lebanon cats, four Albany kittens and the two seed warehouse cats, the big male, Brutus, and the female kitten, Jamaica, were fixed today.

I was so worn out when I got to the clinic, that after registering the cats, I crawled into the back of my car to sleep.  I'd forgotten my car blankets.  To someone as exhausted as I was, that did not matter and I covered myself with cage covers as best I could.  I slept hard and painfully, in a bad position, having cat nightmares.  Later I slept crunched in my front car seat for an hour.  Now, I am headed off to my real bed!

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