Saturday, June 30, 2012

13 More Local Cats to S/nipped

Dawn, Thursday morning.  I'd stopped by the seed warehouse very early, on my way to the clinic, to check traps one last time.  Dawn was breaking as I drove away.
Juno, Seed Farm Siamese female, fixed Thursday.

Juno again, under anesthesia at Snipped.

I took down 13 more local cats to S/nipped on Thursday.  I took five adults from the Corvallis river business.  I caught an adult Siamese female at the seed farm and another black kitten, who screamed her head off late Wednesday night, as I loaded the trap in the dark there under the stars.  I thought I had lucked out and caught the Siamese mom of the two kittens I have been trying to catch.  I'd snuck up on those kittens earlier in the day and netted one of them.  The other got away jumping up and into the middle of a pallet and darting out the back side.

The little girl I caught was sick with conjunctivitis and a sneezy cold.  She was so dehydrated I doubt she would have survived another two days.  Lucky for her I spotted her and had my net.  But the Siamese adult I caught turned out to be about two weeks pregnant--the west end in heat Siamese I'd run into when I first arrived to catch cats this time around.  She would have had 8 kittens.  So now I have those two little seed girls in my bathroom.

The Corvallis business had caught a little tabby long hair kitten, with one of their traps.  I don't know how long she had been in the trap.  The trap was sitting, with her in it, out front of a building when I went to trap Wednesday morning.  I pulled her out and she tamed very quickly since she was scared and hungry and thirsty.  I sat there with her against me as a deer who had followed me and was interacting with the cats, hung around my car, curious or bored or lonely.

That night, I caught both unfixed females there and three males, including a huge bruiser short hair black who later tested positive for FIV at S/nipped and was euthanized.

Tuesday night, I went up to the Lebanon Kitten Factory colony, after the last two adults there.  I had the drop trap set up but so many other fixed cats would go under and eat, I finally set a regular trap.  I put a full water bottle under the door to prop it open, baited the trap and ran a string tied around the neck of the bottle inside, to where I watched.  The female came first, a little gray girl.  She wouldn't go under the drop trap since some dominant cats were under it eating, but she did go into the regular trap beside it.  The caretaker had been feeding in a tied open trap so they were used to eating in the trap.  When she was all the way in, I gave the string a yank and she was caught.  The male had not yet showed up.

When he did, he didn't come near the drop trap.  Big huge fixed manx male Samson was guarding the food from him.  Samson would not let him come close.  So I set up a small regular trap on the other side of the driveway.  Samson could not guard both sides at once.  I used a bottle again to  hold up the door.  Eventually the big smoke male made his way directly into the trap and I yanked the bottle out from under the door and we celebrated the last unfixed cats would be fixed!

As I'd sat, waiting for action, for the two unfixed's to show up, the caretaker's husband brought me half a ruebon sandwich, then a cup of his own home made baileys, then plied me with cheese he smokes himself.  He's a funny and fun guy!  I really enjoy that couple.

Already fixed muted torti beside the trap at the Lebanon Kitten Factory Colony.

Club Foot Soda, a huge smoke male, with formerly broken front foot, fixed Thursday from the Lebanon Kitten Factory Colony.
Sadie, DSH gray female, from Lebanon Kitten Factory colony, fixed Thursday at S/nipped.

I also had made arrangements to pick up two adults from an Albany woman.  But when I arrive, she also has three unfixed teens, and four kittens.  I direct her to put the two adults, a male and a lactating female, mother of the teens and the four young kittens, into carriers and also the three teens, two girls and a boy.  So all of them were fixed.  One of the teens turned out to be pregnant.
The very sweet Allie, DMH black tux mom cat, fixed last Thursday, from Albany.

Sweet teen boy Lance, fixed last Thursday from the Albany cat house.

Bad photo of teen black tux female Sunshine, from the Albany house, fixed last Thursday.

Teen tabby on white Sushi, from the Albany house, fixed last Thursday.  She was pregnant at spay.  I didn't get a photo of Ducky, the adult black male, also with a club foot from his foot being broken, also fixed last Thursday from this same house.

When I returned the Corvallis river business cats, they'd caught another kitten.  It's a black tux fuzzy girl.  She's now also in my bathroom.

Shampoo, DLH black male fixed Thursday, from Corvallis River Business Colony.

Storm, DSH black lactating female.  She was fixed Thursday.

Tippy, DSH brown tabby female from Corvallis river business, fixed Thursday.

Contender, the big black male with severe skin and mouth issues that led to him being tested for FIV.  He was positive and euthanzied.  FIX YOUR MALES!

Beeber, DSH black male from river business colony, fixed Thursday.

Female kitten from the Corvallis river business.

Deer and cat, hanging out.

 I went to eat lunch by the ocean while down at the clinic and drove to Sunset Bay.  Sunset Bay is very popular and was even when I was a kid growing up in that area.  There is a campground and a very small beach and enclosed bay.  The narrow mouth of the bay makes swimming and surfing inside quite safe, by comparison.  Tide pool exploration, clamming and crabbing are very popular there also.

Tide was out, so I explored tide pools and spotted this green anenome.

These guys were intent on taking crab pots out into the bay.

Sunset Bay!

The narrow mouth of the bay, at low tide.

 I have to do something about this new computer tower.  It shuts down often, claiming some hardware problem, then must be rebooted.  I dread trying to call Dell.  You get some foreigner you can barely understand and really, it needs to be sent back.  My brother bought it new and it doesn't work right.  You don't then try to fix something like that over the phone with someone you can't even understand.  You send it back and they should refund your money or send another one.  The problem is I didn't purchase it and my brother wants me to deal with it.

UPDATE:  I finally got ahold of Dell.  It is harder than you think to even find a customer service number.  Their technical support on their website is full of useless stuff, but no number to call.  There was an offer of a free scan to check your computer, so I did.  Supposedly they found multiple problems including a corrupt hard drive.  But then when you click "fix", it's a scam, a product they're trying to sell you for $40 a year.  So I finally find a number to call and finally get some guy after the computer voice lady, who tries to sell me an extended warranty.  I say "but this computer doesn't actually work correctly now and you want me to buy an extended warranty on something not even working correctly now?"  So I'm transferred to someone else, who says it's Windows not the hard drive, corrupting the computer and they say I need to go buy a flash drive to take off my photos and call them back next Tuesday when they will restore everything including Windows to factory settings.  They claim it was probably a corrupt Windows update or something.  I'm not really buying any of this.  I guess I never believe I'm being told the truth anymore, am such a skeptic.  Guess I don't believe companies ever come clean their product just might be a complete lemon and maybe they should replace it and be honest.  So when they do that, if I let them, they will remove every program I've added, like Gimp, Firefox and Picassa.

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