Friday, June 01, 2012

Photos of the cats fixed yesterday

Screech was fixed yesterday at Heartland, along with Albany calico Bailey, a Philomath female and a stray male from Peoria road.  I did not get photos of the latter three cats.

Romeo, from the down town colony, tame and turned out to be an already fixed female.  I think I know her.

Wobbles, the long hair torti with only two legs,  one in front and one in back, on opposite sides.  She was spayed yesterday.  These leg amputations are very old and probably the result of being hit by a car.
Minor Mom, DLH Black female from down town colony, fixed yesterday, mom of some of the kittens.

Schnazzy, pregnant female from down town colony, spayed yesterday.

Stubby Butt, DLH gray tux female with bitten or cut off tail, from down town Albany colony, fixed yesterday. She's lactating.

Stubby Butt's bitten or broken, cut off tail stub.  This probably happened from being hit by a car, sleeping inside a car engine and fan cut it off, or a dog bit it off.
Button, female from the Albany down town colony fixed yesterday.

Captain, lactating female fixed yesterday from downtown colony.

Diamond, pregnant female from down town colony fixed yesterday.

Major Mom, long hair calico, mother of some of the kittens, from the down town colony, fixed yesterday.

The students found a home for one of the 8 kittens, then the other seven are getting taken in by a Portland area rescue, which is a relief.  Feel happy about that.  I mowed a friends' fields today, already exhausted, because in exchange, he's going to fix my clanking shrieking brakes and that really needs doing.  So it was a good exchange and I like riding the bouncy tractor and getting grass and seed and dirt blown up into my face under the hot sun.  I really do like that.  Took me seven hours, but soon, my brakes won't be clanking when I touch them.  Was worth it.  Is an easy job, driving a tractor pulling a mower through grass so tall in some places I could not see, buried, tractor and all, swallowed alive in fields.  I love that.

I talked to the students tonight and they suggested I bring the cats back tomorrow, since I am so tired.  It made me feel happy for them to seem to care about my state of exhaustion. It was nice.  I will take them back tomorrow and take them the calico girl kitten, for their friends.  They're with their moms in the garage right now.  All is well with them.

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