Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 Local Cats Fixed Today

18 cats from Linn and Benton counties were fixed today.  Actually, only one came from Benton county, a Philomath female, originally from Albany.

Nine, all females, came from a down town Albany colony, wedged in a block between two two-lane one-way extremely busy streets.  Two lanes go through town and out over the river one way and two come into town the other way.  This is a no good place for cats to live surrounded basically by thorough fares.  It shows in injuries to cats.  One lactating female had nothing but a short skinned stump left of what likely used to be a long fluffy tail.  Another cat, an older calico, has only two legs, one in the front and one in the rear, fortunately, on opposing sides.  She hops along, pretty much at an angle.  One of the nine was already spayed, but had no ear tip.  I had also drop trapped two others from this colony, to find they already had ear tips.  There are 8 kittens, between two mothers.  But I told the college students, advertising them on craigslist, tonight, that there are a total of four lactating females among the nine.  Three others were pregnant.  The girl said she didn't care, because "they're out there somewhere". 

There was also a lactating torti a woman caught over at some Albany shithole apartments.  Tonight, she was nowhere to be found, just like last time I helped her out.  She treated me then like a servant, would not lift a finger herself, is full of words about spay neuter, but man, she doesn't do anything and is so full of excuses and entitled huffiness and outrage.  It took many calls and three trips over there tonight, already drop dead exhausted, to get her to take back the cat.  I explained she should feed her immediately wet food, but as I drove off, in my mirror, I saw her take the trap around the corner.  I backed up.  Sure enough, she let her out, didn't feed, nothing, just dumps her out.  I rolled down my window and let her have it.   She wrote the governor she claimed about a statewide spay neuter bill, is so full of herself but when it comes to doing any work, or taking care of a cat, she is not into it.  Just not into it.

I told her not to contact me again.  She doesn't show any respect, this time by not being there to receive the cat back, making me work to find her to receive it back, then immediately letting her go.

So anyhow, bad day as far as donations.  Only $4, so I'm out quite a bit on gas for the trip and running around to round up all these cats.  Sad.  Really sets me back.

I also took down another Albany female while another was fixed at Heartland.  I took down a Lebanon male, and his sister, a Siamese mix.  I took down an abandoned Albany calico but she turned out to be already spayed.

Screech was fixed at Heartland.  When I got home tonight, he'd somehow gotten out of the trap, by rolling it, in my garage, and he shot out the door, but quickly came back for food and to rub against my leg.  Guess we're best friends now.  He was in a tru catch (ring drop) trap, and those can come open if a cat rolls it on its side, which he accomplished, the rascal that he is.

It was indeed a great day for mid valley cats.  For me, well, the day was very tough.  I'm old and broke, that's all.  But in a few days, maybe I'll get my sleep and my joints will heal and my clothes will wash and I'll be bright and cheery.  You never know.

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