Saturday, June 02, 2012

More Photos of Cats Fixed Thursday

Some of the rest of the cats fixed Thursday, including a male and female from Lebanon, and three Albany females.  I've now returned all the cats except two of the females from the down town Albany colony.  One kitten has a home, found by the students, and the other seven will travel to a Portland area rescue likely tomorrow.  All nine of the Albany down town colony were females.  Three were pregnant, four were lactating.  Only nine kittens were found but they are all out of there now, at least.
Angel, Flame Point Siamese female, fixed at Snipped Thursday.

Ozzie, Lebanon orange tux male, fixed at Snipped last Thursday.

Callie, an Albany female, fixed at Snipped Thursday.  She had kittens.  Two are still with Callie's owner.  Hope to get them fixed, too.

Suzy Q, adult calico, abandoned on College Park Drive in Albany, now fed as stray, which is sad.  Snipped determined she is already fixed.
Lactating torti from apartment complex in Albany, lives as a stray, rarely fed.

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