Saturday, June 16, 2012

Feather's Last Days?

Feather has gone downhill the last couple of days.  Even her lower jaw has been in spasms if she tries to eat.  I got her in to see a vet today.  I finally was able to see in her mouth a little bit.  She has terrible tartared up teeth, not that many left.  The vet retested her for FIV/Felk.  She was negative.  She drew blood, to check her kidney function.  She could be in kidney failure.  Bad kidneys and bad teeth seem to go together.  If she is not in kidney failure, she will have those teeth pulled and get a new lease on life, like Gretal did.  If she is in late stage kidney failure, these are her last days.

I took the three kittens to Heartland today.  Good luck, boys.  All were from single kitten moms.  Two black male kittens came from two seperate black females I netted at the seed warehouse.  The moms were fixed yesterday.  They'll go home tomorrow.  The littlest bottle boy, the tabby on white was from a stray female off Clover Ridge.  The mom went into heat and went off with a couple of males, one white, one orange.  The old couple who feed her think the orange cat is owned but not the white one. Damn these lousy cat owners.

As I was heading off with Feather, to go to the vet, along with the three kittens, to take to Heartland, the old couple called to say they caught Bottle Boy's mom.  She is very petite and pretty, long hair, folded over ears.  So that is that.  I told them to keep setting my trap for the boys.  Otherwise, they just go off and impregnate elsewhere and spread disease.

I picked her up after getting back from Corvallis and set her up in a rabbit hutch until I can get her fixed.  The seed girls go back tomorrow morning.  The auto shop cat will go back tomorrow too.  She'll be fed and housed there, at least.  Isn't a house cat home, but it's a pretty darn good place to call home.

After that, I went and mowed my friends fields, but only for a couple of hours.  Is blazing hot today and I love it!  But the tractor didn't and got too hot.  I'll finish tomorrow.

Well, precious Feather, I have tried my best for you and now we just wait and see what the bloodwork says, about your future.  Some things we have absolutely no control over and we just do the best we can and accept that shit happens every hour of every day.  Life is still beautiful and precious.

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