Friday, June 15, 2012

Tough Day

Boy.  Getting old.  Nights lately I've been awakened with pain down my right leg, from my hip to my ankle, across and through my knee.  Wakes me up about 2:00 a.m. every night.  Then I can't sleep because of it, which makes me cranky.  But it wasn't as bad last night. 

My computer crashed last night.  I was gone for only an hour, come back and it will not move.  It will turn on, but do nothing else.  I unhook the modem, cords, clean it, try it again--nothing.  I do this many times.  Finally I think well maybe it is comcast's problem, even though I really know it isn't because Windows won't even work.  I get ahold of them, and they reset the modem.  By this time, I switched to another tower, one my brother sent me a couple months ago, when I had trouble before.  Comcast woman is very helpful and upbeat.  That helps my down mood.  Finally, the connection is restored to the newer tower.

I had my files backed up but not all my files, on a thumb drive, that was full.  I had just bought another thumb drive so I could have them all backed up, but had not done it yet.  I might be able to get the files off if I take out that hard drive and put it in a machine that will allow it to work, but I don't have something like that.  I will have to figure out how to do that.  I want my cat fixing records and cat adoption files and my cats files and my recent photos.

Just goes to show.  Goes to show something, not sure what.

The bottle babe boy was always hungry too, wearing me down with stress.

I got off to the clniic this morning with the two seed warehouse girls and a female dumped off or abandoned out at my tow truck friends business.  She showed up two days ago and made herself at home.  She turned out to be already fixed.

After dropping them at the clinic, I tried to sleep in my car with the seed kittens and the bottle babe.  It was hard, but I did fall asleep with two of the kittens under my chin.  Twisted up position though, so probably more pain tonight.

Since it got so hot, I tried nodding off in the FCCO break room and did for a few minutes at a time, til I'd start to lean and bounce awake.  The kittens were a hit and even the older seed boy was into the attention.  Try as I might, I could get no one to take them, however.  Wrong place.  Everyone there is over-catted.

Back home now and early bed is in my future.  My bed looks so lovely, so wonderful. 

Bottle babes are hell.

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