Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Five More Cats Thursday

Five more local cats will be fixed Thursday.  Three of them are tame males from Lebanon and the other two are Corvallis females, both tame and owned.  They'll be done at Heartland.

Friday, two Lacomb dumped strays will be fixed, if she gets them into carriers. She feeds them in the evening.  They're tame but skitzy because they were dumped off by someone and have had it rough. She doesn't know if they could be fixed or not.  She hopes to get them contained tomorrow night just to make sure they'll be ready for Friday.

Also on Friday, anybody I catch over at a Lebanon fiasco will be fixed.  I guess there are seven unfixed females and so far, 22 kittens.  The old woman who feeds the cats has 11 kittens, two litters in her place.  Her daughter in law has three very young ones at her place who were in dire straits.  The mother moved the other two from that litter, with glued shut eyes and protruding backbones, before the daughter in law could grab them away.  So they're out in the bushes somewhere, and likely going to die, the daughter in law said, if they are in the same shape as the other three of that litter were, although the three taken from mom are vastly improved already.

Another neighbor has a litter inside her place.  And there is yet another litter on another neighbor's deck.  I wish there was somewhere for all these kittens to go, to grow strong, healthy, be fixed and vaccinated before adoption, rather than survivors handed out free somewhere.

Sounds like a very stressful situation.  The old woman's husband has a drinking thing going, I'm told, and when blitzed makes threats about the cats.  Then there's allegedly a neighbor who hates cats and threatens to shoot them too.  I'm trying to steal myself for all this.

Then next Monday, I arranged for an Alsea woman's two females, both with kittens, 11 between them I think she said, to go to Heartland to be fixed.  She is turning over the kittens to Heartland, who will foster them out until they are 8 weeks, then fix, vaccinate and adopt them out.  She'll take the mother back home to Alsea with her after they are spayed on Monday.  It's a relief that they will all get taken care of.  Thank you, Heartland, on that.  Really appreciate their help.

As for the Lebanon Kitten Factory colony, boy do I ever need assistance with this one.

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