Friday, April 13, 2012

Vespa, a.k.a. River, Goes Home

Kiwi, the unwanted Albany Siamese, spayed yesterday, now in a cage in my garage.

River, the mom of the three bottle babes, found in a barn near Harrisburg, and one of 17 cats I trapped to be fixed. I wanted to give her a better life, a real home, but I have too many here waiting already. So I took her home today, back to her cat family.

River again, also known as Vespa.

Kiwi again.

I fumed and fussed over taking River back to the Harrisburg colony. But I don't get adoption inquiries. It is extremely rare. Now with Posey here and Kiwi too, the Albany stray Siamese, I knew it was hopeless. I have too many and no way to find them homes.

So I sadly returned her this afternoon. She looked confused when I first opened the carrier, then strolled out, rather nonchalant, and went under the man's big truck. She then crawled up onto the spare tire, in the rear, obviously a favorite spot.

I gave the man a bag of Purina Cat Chow. I told him how guilty I feel returning her. He vowed to take good care of her. I saw four of the other cats. I have to find somewhere for Kiwi the Siamese to go, too.

A Wilsonville woman let me take her in to Oregon Humane on her reservations, but they refused her, saying she had a mouth granuloma and bad teeth. I was disappointed. I wasted all that gas to go up there and then a reservation was wasted that the Wilsonville woman could have used to get another rescue into Oregon Humane.

Kiwi then was spayed at Heartland Humane yesterday. They said the granuloma seen is just a trauma ulcer. They also did not see any signs of bad teeth, they said. She tested negative for FIV/Felk and found no ringworm, something OR Humane claimed they found on one ear edge. Kiwi hates carriers and beats herself up around the face the minute she's put in one.

Right now, Kiwi is in a cage in my garage and River went home to her cat family.

On the way down I5 to return her, a car begins tailgating me, real close to my bumper at times. It was black maybe a civic, older, cross dangling from rear view mirror. At first I thought maybe it was someone I might know, trying to get my attention, they were driving so close. Then I thought I could see the man was on his cell phone and thought "Please don't hit me." But then I got kind of scared.

I drove slower and slower, trying to get him to just pass me, but he wouldn't. I went form 65 clear down to 55 then even 50 at one point, but he wouldn't pass and just rode my bumper. So I got real scared. I waited til the Brownsville exit came up and sped up half mile before it came along. I waited and just a split second before I took the exit, I signaled and swerved off onto the ramp. He had no time, if he was intent on harming me or following me, to make that off ramp he was so close. I was relieved.

I sat at the stop sign at the top of the ramp and watched him disappear in the south bound lanes. I waited quite a time before proceeding back onto I5 S. He rattled me behaving like that. I think it was all due to cell phone use or maybe impairment from drugs or booze or something, but I'm not real sure what was going on.

I rode with someone once who was a trance driver. Trance drivers are people who zone out when behind the wheel, although unimpaired by alcohol or drugs. They get so tranced out they like to get behind a car or truck and latch on mentally to the back of that vehicle. This releases their mind from driving. Then they blindly follow. If that vehicle ahead of them slows, they slow. If it speeds up, they do the same. Trance drivers don't like to change lanes. They're not engaged in driving that heavily. If the vehicle they've latched onto mentally, exits the road, even though they are not going that way, the trance driver follows. A trance driver often does not realize he or she has left their route for awhile. Riding with her was frightening!

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