Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Stop It!

Stop making changes. Pleaaaazzzzeeee!! Youtube changed and keeps changing. Each change makes youtube harder to use. Each time youtube makes changes I don't create a video for a couple months. I don't have time to figure it out, ok!

The last youtube "upgrade" denies me the opportunity to click a button on audio swap that shows only songs near the same length as my video. That button was really helpful. At least, I can't find it on the new improved youtube video editor. And, when you edit your video, you then lose all description and title now. It fricking sucks. I hadn't posted a video for ages since "the change" and finally tackled it with Posey's adoption video. Do you know how long it took me to find just the right song on audio swap, without that helpful little button? A long long time.

A friend e-mailed a few weeks ago all panicked. She'd read youtube was going to ban kitty videos and she wanted to know if that was true. I said "I don't think so." It's the only thing she searches out on youtube. She claimed she read that on a really legit site.

Now blogger is changing AGAIN!!!! too.

I think techies cannot help themselves. They fiddle and fiddle and are blinded to the faults of their "new versions". They are blinded also into thinking everyone on earth is a techie who loves to read lengthy technical instructions on new software or gadgets or upgrades to favorite sites.

I think techies will improve the hell out of their websites until they are no longer even functional because they cannot stop themselves.

I don't like these stupid new blogger changes. Sorry techie creator guys. Your old version was really nice and easy. The version before that, even better. Maybe get a new hobby, techie guys? Once something works, leave it alone and go get a beer or go for a hike or get a girlfriend, not a virtual one. Just suggestions.

And where are my paragraphs, techies? In the editor, they show and once on the page, they don't. During your last changes, I lost my ability to find old posts, because many have disappeared from the archive and you removed all dates from them, too, thinking for some reason, dates on posts are not important. Now, apparently, no paragraphs. You suck blogger techies who keep making it worse. I will dream about you badly.

(I found a way back to the old blogger, a button to revert back, so I can add some paragraphs back. Their new version would make you think, when writing the post, you had paragraphs, but once you publish, they're gone. Soon, I bet, switching to "the new look" won't be optional)

Of course blogger is free to me. So is youtube. So I can't gripe too much. The creators make money on youtube and on blogger. They make money on me using their sites. They don't create these sites out of some humanitarian urge. Since the sites are free, I'll struggle on until the struggle outweighs the fun of it, then I can drop them like they never existed and move on to some other site, that so far hasn't been messed up by "upgrades" and "new looks".

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