Thursday, April 26, 2012

Four Local Cats Fixed Today

Today, four more local cats were fixed--two girls and two boys. Three from Albany, one from Lebanon.  One of the girls was pregnant even though just a teenager, about six months of age.
Lebanon male Pepper still under the influence of anesthesia.

All four parties who own the cats were unbelievably happy to find a way to get them fixed.  Two had taken the cats in as strays.  The other two households were bereft of funds after losing jobs or having nothing to begin with.  So it was good Poppa still could help them out.
 Young Albany black tux female, Boo, spayed today.
Albany female Claus, spayed today.  Six months old and pregnant!
 Albany male Max, neutered today.

I also made a loaf of oat bread.  I am now addicted to making my own bread from scratch.  It tastes so much better than store bought!  I have made whole wheat.  I have made flax bread.  This time it was oat flour bread, with a bit of flax meal and a dash of molasses.

Came out too good.  Can't leave it alone.

I have a pot on cooking leek and potato soup tonight.

It's a good night for soup--blustery outside.  Thunder showers passing through temporarily whip up the wind, swaying the tops of trees, sending cherry blossoms cascading down in a soft shower of spring pink tinted snow.  The skies darken and look ominous, black with shades of gray, roiling off in the distant, then rolling in.  Then the dark masses will  break on the edges into heavy whites with complicated shapes in vivid 3D.  And suddenly the storm will be beyond me, just barely beyond, with blue sky showing overhead but rain, warm and heavy drops, splattering around me.

Spring is here.  I have bush beans three inches tall now in one of my tractor parts box raised beds out front.

I go out and lift off jagged pieces of old chicken wire from the 3 foot square area where I planted peas a week ago.  The plot is beside the house, under the overhang, like I read would be an ok place for them.  I bend over from the edge of the cracked cement of the driveway, and peer at the dirt, until my eyes focus there at dirt level, searching, scanning for pea sprouts. Yesterday, I found five.  Today I see 12!

The chicken wire pieces are to keep out the old man's cats, who like to poop there and sometimes to sleep curled in the dirt.  No more free loading in my garden space, kitties.  It's growing season.

All four cats I had left on my list needing fixed were done today.  So I feel free for now.

I've had little to do the last days which is not good for me.  Now, I plan my day ahead the night before, so I don't sink into the oblivion of boredom or loneliness.  I have projects lined up for myself, in lists, chores too, that are not daily, that can be done.  I have to keep myself very busy to keep away the weight of the alone.

I keep off the news now.  There's nothing good to hear.  It's simplified blather anyhow.  It helps me to keep off the news.

I hate election years.  I hate the idiotic waving, smiling, posturing, blaming and promising.  And yet nothing ever changes.  So I tune that out now too.  Next time I get sent a ballot, I'll do my duty.  But I'm writing in my own name for every spot open.  It's easier that way.  I don't have to consider the blather. 

I did my duty by the cats of this area today and wrangled out four more to be fixed.  So there you have it.

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