Friday, March 16, 2012

Ten Albany Cats Fixed Yesterday at FCCO

Large brown tabby female fixed yesterday.

Tabby tux female fixed yesterday.

Mackeral tabby tux teen female, fixed yesterday, same one as in another photo below.

The brown mackeral tabby male fixed yesterday--four boys in all. This one, an abbytabby tux, and both Maine Coons.

This little gray tabby teen girl, spayed yesterday, is tame.

One of two teen black and white girls fixed yesterday.

The other black and white girl fixed yesterday.

Brown tabby male fixed yesterday, seen also in another photo above where he looks pretty hung over.

Abbytabby tux male, fixed yesterday.

One of two Maine Coon boys fixed yesterday.

The other Maine Coon male, fixed yesterday.

Brown mackeral tabby tux female, fixed yesterday, also seen in another photo above.

I took ten Albany farm cats up to be fixed yesterday in Portland. The cats come from a seed farm on the edge of Albany.

The farmer was going to get them himself, by feeding them in carriers then closing the carrier doors on them while they ate, but that didn't work out. They were able to catch the three tame ones that way, however. So I ran out with traps and we caught all of them.

Six girls and two boys. Because my camera broke, I dug around and four two teensy little smaller than palm size cameras sent to me when my first camera broke, by others. One of them is only two and a half inches by an inch and a half! It works better then the other one that is only slightly larger These are from way back when, when digital cameras would only take a few photos before burning out the batteries.

I was able to take six photos with two batteries and then put in new batteries to take a few more. They also take twenty to thirty seconds to process after each photo taken. Ah...the good old days.

I found information on a website about Canon camera problems (and the battery compartment cover is a frequent breakage complaint), that there is a tiny button by the flash card that must depress when the battery cover closes in order for the camera to power up. So that is likely why I get no power, that button isn't depressing when the cover closes. I will work on a jury rig. If I can manage to jury rig the battery compartment closed, I will from here forward upload using the USB plug.

My computer has a flash card receptor, so it's so easy to just plug the flash card into the PC from the camera, rather than use the cord. But.. change can be good.

Traffic was a nightmare yesterday going up. Took me almost an hour from just north of 205 to get to the clinic. Bumper to bumper. I don't know how people take that every single day in a work commute. Took me longer to get to the clinic from 205 than it took to get from Albany to there.

After dropping off the cats, I went to a friends house up there, who had offered to take me to lunch. She also had some clothes she did not want, and gave them all to me. I haven't tried them on yet, but she said if they don't fit, either find someone they do fit or use them as bedding. Lots of T-shirts only without the holes mine have by now. I wear Tshirts more than anything else because, well, they're cheap. Some of mine are ten years old however. With holes, stains, tears. She also gave me some Iams dry cat food.

Lunch was so good!! She took me to a Thai restaurant and I had a curry that included green beans and peppers. Unbelievably good and fiery hot, just like I like it.

It was a great day yesterday, for Albany cats and for me! I love human contact. I had so much fun with my friend.

Really aggressive CenturyLink telemarketer on the phone just now where "no" never means "no" to these invasive jerks invading my privacy. Over and over I told her "not interested" and that I am on a no call list. She claimed if I already had services with them, they were allowed to call. On and on she pushed until I just hung up on her. How rude is CenturyLink and their aggressive uppushing of product? Very much so.

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