Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fixed My Camera!!!!

The camera, with the metal piece, coated in yellow electrical tape, screwed to the bottom to hold the battery compartment shut, which was the number one problem. It created the secondary problem of failure then, to depress a button beside the flash card, that must be depressed to power up the camera. Yes, I know my fingernails are filthy in the photo, have also been working in the garage and yard.

I cut a tiny piece of plastic off a bread bag clip. Those are the little plastic pieces that keep a plastic bag closed, with bread in it. Why that? I had nothing else stiff and plastic I could cut. It had to be a small piece, like an eight inch by a quarter inch, maybe slightly smaller, and try cutting a teensy bit of plastic with dull dollar store scissors. I got it cut though. I used dollar store glue, also, to glue it on there, holding it in place til the glue dried with the tip of a screwdriver--ten fricking minutes.

Then I covered a flat hardware piece of metal, with screw holes already in it, with electrical tape and used the tripod screw to screw that to the bottom of the camera. It's length, over the length of the bottom of the camera, gave enough force from the stable side to the battery compartment cover side, to keep it closed for battery terminal contact. I turned the camera on and I had power again.

My camera works. Long difficult frustrating day trying to rig a solution but worth it!

It fricking works!!!!

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