Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Four Albany Females Fixed Monday

Monday, four more Albany females were fixed. Three of them came from one household and the other, from the house hold that also owns so far unfixed free roaming male Bonkers. She is the seventh adult I've taken to be fixed from there. She had five kittens a few weeks ago. They've already handed out two of them. I thought they were going to turn over the other three to me, to take to Heartland, but after returning the mother cat, fixed Monday, I have not heard from them again.
Missy, torbi female fixed Monday, one of three from the same Albany household.

The Producer, a prolific Front st. female fixed Monday finally.

Mandy and Molly, identical buff on white female teens, both fixed Monday.

In other news, my camera broke. It's been on the verge for months. It's the battery compartment latch that has broken so now, outside of duct tape, there is no way to keep the batteries in. I open the compartment frequently, to remove the flash card to take the photos off it. Plastic latches don't do so well with repetitive use.

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