Sunday, March 04, 2012

Six Albany Cats Fixed. !3 Trailer Park Cats Caught.

This young brown tabby tux needs caught and fixed, looks pregnant from a distance!

This trailer park cat needs caught and fixed.

So does this one.

Lounging Friends.

Trap interest.

Preg black female.

Calico flirts with big black tux male. I didn't catch either one.

Black female on left, black tux love interest on right.

Group of friends enjoy some sun.

Yesterday, six Albany cats made the trip to S/nipped to be fixed.

They included four females and two males. Three of the females came from one household and the two males are fed less than a block from where the three females live and have been seen mating with one of the males.

The fourth female lives not far on the other side of the males.

Well, at least they are all fixed now!

I also trapped 13 cats at an over run trailer park. It's a fraction of the cats running that small park who need trapped for fixing, but at least I got a start on the problem. I had only two semi functional traps to work with, and limited bait. I fixed one of the traps before heading out, with two pairs of pliers for opposing force, to reset a badly dysfunctional trap hold lever and trigger plate wire. They are poorly designed traps, but had been donated to S/nipped and it was all they had. They badly need some donated decent or new tomahawk transfer traps. I have 8 traps myself, two large tomahawk transfer traps, two small ones, then a hodgepodge of other types of traps. Two were found tangled in brush washed down a stream in a flood. I was offered the messed up traps by the landowner. I pounded them out and fixed that pair and still use them. Then I have two very ancient Havaharts.

I have gotten by with these 8 traps for years. S/nipped however needs some good traps that work. If anyone wants to buy S/nipped some tomahawk transfer traps, let me know. I will tell you where to buy them and where to ship (to S/nipped).

As I trapped cats, I'd climb in my car, close all the doors and transfer the cats to carriers, so I could reset the traps. I'd not brought bait along, not knowing I'd be trapping, but made do with what I had. One woman at the trailer park dug out four cans of tuna, too.

The trailer park people were all very nice. One contributed the cans of tuna, to use for bait. Another brought me some pizza and a drink. She also let me come sit in her fifth wheeler when it got dark and very cold out. We watched part of a horror movie she had rented.

Just another surreal experience!

Gas is now running $3.98 to $4.07 per gallon in Coos County. I shrieked out loud when I stopped in at a station to get gas and realized it was over $4 per gallon. The station attendant said he hears a lot of shrieking these days.

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