Sunday, March 04, 2012

Photos of the Six Albany Cats Fixed Yesterday

Albany torti, Smarties, fixed yesterday. She's hiding behind her friend Powder Puff, from same location.

Smarties again.

Chocolate Chuckles, a beautiful muted calico, fixed yesterday.

Mittens, the Screamer, Albany female fixed yesterday who cried loudly anytime the car was in motion. I finally stopped on the way down, at the Elk Place and pulled her out of the carrier and held her for a few minutes. She was fascinated in the early morning fog and darkness, to watch two elk sparring in the field just in front of us. What a tale she could tell her friends later, I told her.

Mr. Orange, Albany semi wildish male, fixed yesterday, fed in same neighborhood as the three girls.

Albany male Sylvester, who also made the trip.

PowderPuff, another of the three Albany girls who were spayed yesterday.

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