Friday, March 02, 2012

Three Legs. Bad Eye. Heart of Gold.

The above cat has been living as a stray in Albany. A man began caring for him after finding him hit on Pacific Blvd, with his rear leg detached from being struck by a car. The man nursed him back to health and then fed him as a stray.

He was neutered Thursday with a Safehaven voucher a vet clinic had on hand, that was about to expire. No sense wasting a voucher.

The vet diagnosed his right eye problem as entropian, a turned in lower eyelid.

A Portland group kindly offered to pay for the nip and tuck surgery to flip the eyelid out and off his eye. The man who feeds him not only accepted this offer but also agreed to turn him over to the Portland group, who, after his surgery, will find Mac or Mr. Three Legs, as I call him, a home.

He's heading up there Wednesday, along with Val, because the group is also going to treat Val to a vet visit and, if deemed necessary, the removal of his last four teeth.

The man who fed Mr. Three Legs, tonight got Mr. Sylvester, another stray male he feeds, contained, so I went to pick him up, so he can be neutered, and low and behold, there was the third male, Mr. Orange, outside on his porch. Mr. Orange is feral so I quickly set a trap and lured him into it with flirtation techniques and he fell for it within three minutes. It's that time of year. The males feel invincible, on the trail of love.

Mr. Orange was very angry when the trap closed on him. He had been tricked! When offered gifts of tuna and catnip while in the trap, his anger vanished almost immediately.

Bought so easily off.

Grand world!

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