Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More photos

Stiletto, of the Business Nine, always looks startled!

Mums, from the Lebanon Shovel Killer Christian Neighbor colony, with Sam, from Millersburg, her best buddy.

The wonderful humble fun-loving Slurpy, from the Lebanon Rock Hill Colony.

Spare bedroom, generally occupied by the Albany Business Nine, plus friends and others. That wonderful bed was given me by a friend. They gave me a choice of several that had been used in furnishing model houses. It is magnificent. I usually still sleep on my bunk bed, habit I guess, but more often nowadays, I crash on that wonderful bed in the photo. Minus the junky dresser (now in my garage) and moldy hideabed, (dismantled) the spare bedroom is spacious.

Starr, from the Corvalls homeless camp. I still have three of the 30 or so I took out of that camp. They include Starr, her brother Teddy, who is much more social, and Honey. Honey is one of the many here who have gone to a home, then been returned. Others in that club: Soloman, Mooki, Shaulin, Slurpy, Smolder, Nemo...probably others. The "home" experience pretty much ruined Nemo. He has since remained in the garage room and cat yard.

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