Monday, February 06, 2012

Worn out and Inflamed

I am still wanting to doze off, sleep in other words, sore and worn out from the last Snipped trip with the 14 local cats.

Always hits me worse about two days later. My hands don't want to work today, from inflammation in joints. My neck is sore. My mind is blurry.

I set the trap again over at the better half of the side by side colonies. The side still letting me trap for the three left to catch there. I hate to leave a job unfinished. Always comes back to haunt me with the uncaught cat being female and producing again. Like the black female will around the corner. That makes me cringe to think about it, makes me feel I failed those cats.

This too is a hard colony though, with the lack of communication due to their extremely difficult work schedules. Nothing to be done about that, though. They seem like nice people, the little I've talked to them.

So other than those there, and five out off Scravel Hill, I've not got a lot of cats on my list. I do already have seven tame cats lined up for the next Snipped trip and ten reservations. So that leaves me three reservations to play around with, like if I catch some hard to catch ferals, like maybe I should be over sitting nights at the Never Ending Colony, maybe this is the week I should be trying to nab another there.

The five Scravel cats are going to be fixed for free at the FCCO. They offered me free fixes this month on ferals. Free is a really good price and lets me extend the decreasing Poppa funds to fix more before The End, which is in a little over a year, when Poppa closes.

As for the medical review, what will be will be. I can't do worry over it anymore, so I'm going back to my generally optimistic outlook until I have cause for concern, like a letter from SS that says "Hey, screw you." Then I'll worry. But I can't now, because I'm losing sleep and I need my sleep.

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