Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Pimped out Scion

I was dog dead tired last night. I had made the trip to Snipped with 14 cats and instead of napping during the day, at some point, as usual, I worked doing laundry at the clinic, hoping they could get a break and not be there til 9:00 p.m. again.

I got up at 3:30 in the morning, after five hours of sleep, to begin the day. I had "pre-slept" some, earlier in the day, however.

I had to be in Brownsville at 5:00 a.m., to pick up the last five cats, caught in Crawfordsville by a woman caretaking some property. While the owners are away, she is getting all the cats fixed, on her dime.

That's pretty incredible and kind and responsible.

She's a special ed teacher. Teacher's are almost always amazing people.

She was there waiting too. I was six minutes late. I knew a teacher would be on time.

I get back in town about 7:00 p.m. after dropping the Crawfordsville ferals, now fixed, off again at Pioneer Villa, where I was met by the teacher.

Once back in Albany, I delivered the other cats back to their four separate owners. I met the Corvallis people at an Albany Circle K. They picked up their little girl. I had one cat left to return, the 15 pound male.

I stared across the parking lot, mouth agape. There, parked in a driveway, was a totally pimped out Scion. It sported many add ons, with a silver custom paint job and custom wheels. It sat there gorgeous, reflecting street lamp light like some celebrity. "Look at me" it seemed to say, "I'm beautiful."

I sat there, staring, transfixed, in my dirty Scion.

The front tires are bald and a different brand than the rear. The hubcaps are scuffed and dented. My paint is scratched up. I have a grill piece missing. There are two tears, at least, in the front bumper. The back hatch lever is now screwed on, after first being maliciously ripped off, on College Park Drive, when I left my car when returning cats, then after failed glue on tactics, I resorted to screws, which have rusted. My key only works in one door because I have had to rekey or put new locks in it so often I did it myself the last time, by removing the locks to take to a locksmith. I could only afford to have the one done.

My car's body is dented up. Some dents came when my parked car got in the way of two drunk guys brawling.

One side mirror case is black, not the body color, because I replaced it, when it quit working, ordering an entirely new mirror off ebay motors. My windshield wiper auto complete and intermittent settings do not work. I have to manually return the wipers to full down.

Inside, the driver's seat covering is torn, exuding yellow foam. The car reeks of deeply imbedded male cat urine. The right rear strut cap is long lost so road noise permeates my car when driving. My car has 195 thousand and some odd miles on it.

I sat in an exhaustion daze, inside my filthy bedraggled smelly scratched up dirty work horse beloved Scion, empty dirty carriers, from cats already returned, littering the back, in the Circle K parking lot, and stared at the pimped out delicious angel lit perfect Scion across the street from where I sat.

Then off I drove.

I have a working scion that has transported thousands upon thousands of cats to better lives.

We're not some pretty face, not me and not my car either.

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