Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pro Cat Science! And, S/nipped Needs Foster Homes for a Hoarders Cats

Finally, a "what if all the cats in the world suddenly died" article, describing the ecological mayhem that would follow, including reductions in shore bird populations due to increases in rodents that eat bird eggs.

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It's a no brainer to most people, but there are the cat hating groups out there who would love to eradicate cats. Think twice!

Also, the Coos Bay S/nipped clinic is trying to locate foster homes for about 40 cats living in a hoarders house down there. Here is Snipped's Facebook post:

S/Nipped is engaged in removing cats from a hoarder situation, these cats (approx 40) need to be removed no later than February 18th. Foster homes are in great need, please contact Darci at 541-290-6501 or 541-888-9395.

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