Friday, February 03, 2012

14 Local Cats Fixed Today

14 local cats were fixed today. Five came from Crawfordsville, ferals, living under a house and in a barn. Four were girls, one a boy. One Corvallis female kitten also made the trip. I also took down 8 Albany cats from three locations. I took down all five from one household, a mom with her four teen kittens. I took down the two females from one household with five cats. The three boys will be fixed next week. I took down the male from a family who also have a female needing fixed, but the male was causing issues and needed done first.

Five Crawfordsville ferals were fixed today, four of them girls. All three brown tabby tux girls were quite ill, but we decided to fix them anyhow, since this was their only chance. All survived and now will be housed and given some tender loving after care including antibiotics and wormer. In addition, Bitsy had a heart murmur, but survived nonetheless.

Gracie, gray and white female, spayed today.

Bitsy, brown tabby tux female fixed today. She had a heart murmur.

Boda had the worst URI, but should be ok.

Brownie, a brown tabby tux female with URI, is very shy, fixed today.

Gradie, the only boy, a gray tab tux male kitten, fixed today.

A mom and her four teens, three boys and a girl, made the trip and were fixed. This man took in the white mom, Kicat, as a stray. She promptly had kittens. Kicat had a heart murmur but had surgery and survived anesthesia.

Kicat, mom of four teens, fixed today.

Boogie, brown tabby male teen, fixed today.

Horseshoe, white male teen, fixed today.

Mama's Boy, chocolate tabby male teen, fixed today.

Sissy, white female teen, fixed today.

This Albany big boy was fixed today. They also have a female, but the male was causing more grief.
Berkley, a 15 lb. Maine Coon mix from Albany, fixed today.

One Corvallis cat made the trip, a little girl.
Corvallis girl, Kitty, spayed today.

Two girls were fixed from a five cat household. The three boys will be fixed at a later date.
Albany black tux female Lyrics, spayed today.

Albany black female, Ramba, spayed today.

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