Wednesday, February 08, 2012

8 Fixed Feral Cats Need a New Place to Call Home

8 fixed related ferals need a new place to call home. Anybody out there know anyone who could take them, as barn cats? They need a place they will be contained for at least a couple of weeks, so they get to know "this is home" and then fed for their lives. Preferably a place not over run in coyotes and cougars.

These are the Millersburg cats, from the same location Sam and Oci came from originally. Originally, a woman lived in a trailer there, had tons of cats, even a couple of dogs and abandoned everybody. The property then was sold to a developer, whom I then met, wonderful cat people, but then they lost it, during the down turn to the bank. The bank has now sold it to another developer.

The cats days are numbered.

Originally, when contacted by the feeder woman, I took out approximately 16 cats and relocated them. Many were tame. These included Sam and Oci.

Later on, she contacted me again, about a tame female with one kitten and a male. I got them fixed and her mom took in the mother and kitten.

The feeder woman did not tell me more had showed up and let them reproduce, a very bad thing when feeding on a property not your own because something like this can happen, and of course, when the cats reproduced, this compounded the costs and the suffering.

I then trapped eight more, an adult female, an adult male, and five kittens, three girls and two boys, along with another adult male a block away, who is now cared for there.

Seven of the 8 are fixed. The 8th, still on the now sold property, a huge long hair gray and white, also needs caught, fixed and gone.

This is an urgent need now, to get them out of there.

I hate getting drawn into these things. I have enough stress in my life already. I always wish others would step up and get involved. Maybe someone will. Relocating ferals is very difficult on the cats and those doing it, as if not done correctly, the cats will end up dead anyway.

Below are photos of some of the cats, taken when they were fixed in November.

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