Saturday, February 25, 2012

Albany Female Fixed Yesterday. Heartland Takes her Kittens

An Albany woman had called a few weeks ago about a stray female she took in pregnant, who had four kittens in her closet. She wanted her fixed, but at that time, the kittens were only two weeks old. I advised her to wait.

However, she called me on Thursday, stating she was leaving for a couple of weeks next week, and needed the mom cat spayed immediately. She would have a relative feed the mom once a day while gone, but the cat goes outside to the bathroom, and she wanted the kittens gone too, or she'd have to give them away over this weekend.

I called Heartland, who not only agreed to spay the mother, done yesterday, but also take in the four kittens, who are seven weeks old, three girls and a boy.

This is the only boy of the four kittens.

The mom, Mini, spayed yesterday.

The three girl kittens. Heartland took in all four of the kittens.

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