Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Photos and Some Updates

Feather, feeling better. She is starting to gain some weight finally.

Meesa on bed window cat run.
Jade and Meesa on bedside window cat run.
Starry on new window shelf cat bed, with others.

Electra, my ancient kitty, on right. Her best friend, one of them, Slurpy the Torti, is on the left.

Cougie, of the Business Nine, relaxing.

Yesterday, I stopped by a colony I helped trap and fix about seven years back. They have a neighbor with about 10 cats needing fixed and had asked me to help him out. They had given him my number but he had never called. So we called from there, and we are setting up appointments to get it done. I took this photo of a fat Lilac Point Siamese I trapped to be fixed at this colony, composed almost entirely of Siamese, with a few brown tabbies and calicos mixed in. I trapped that colony for fixing about seven years ago. Most are still there, fat and thriving and elderly. The couple bought the property unaware there were almost 40 cats that came with the place. The former owner apparently had a backyard breeder for a daughter.
Fat Shaggy Older Lilac Point Siamese, fixed seven years ago.
Valentino looking beautiful!
Rogue, of the Nine Business cats, sits in front of a favorite toy, a plastic cat tube, with ball sent to me by a Canadian! Thank you Elaine! Rogue, like Val, suffers from flea allergies.
Sam on the new cat shelf. I built a new cat shelf. The cats love to lounge in the windows, but the tiffing over prized sleeping spots gets extreme. So I built the shelf, from the discarded Millersburg wood, painted it with paint given me by a wrecking yard, found in rusted cans in the back of a truck and the cats love it already!
The second slant house eaves cat housing unit, in the making. I have someone who needs a housing unit for two outside cats. So the second eave slant house is in the making, with the discarded eaves from Millersburg and the bright burgandy paint from the wrecking yard. Those are three inch insulated walls and the floor and back also will be insulated. All I need to finish it is the insulation added to the floor, then the actual floor laid atop that, the insulation added to the back, then the second layer of wood for the inside back, and the top made. I will also add a shelf. Cats loves these. They have the side entrance hole, plus I leave a low down hole at the very front, the lowest point of the slant. The limiting factor is the length of time it takes paint to dry in my garage! It's like watching grass grow!
Geezer guy Val again!

Gretal is now fully recovered from her cold and Feather is doing well too and now released from the bathroom sick room containment.

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