Thursday, January 26, 2012

Went Swimming. Had a Blast!

I went swimming today at the Albany pool. I had a blast. The woman invited me whose three teens I trapped a month and a half ago. There was an exercise class she attends, but I slipped over and swam a few laps.

It was so fun. But afterwards, within minutes of exiting, my skin began to prickle and itch. My eyes went red and the familiar effects of chlorine on my system set in. Within minute my eyes couldn't bear sunlight.

Inside my enclosed car, the fumes of chlorine on my wet swimming clothes and body were overwhelming. I'd taken a shower once out, but I took another once home. I wish I could swim and not have the chlorine affect me so badly. Even my taste is off for hours after exposure.

I took an antihistamine to try to alleviate some of the effects. I probably won't go again, due to the problem my system has with chlorine, but today was fun, despite the aftermath of itching and red eyes.

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