Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pampered House Rescues

Grumbly with his mouth full of cat toy.

Fantasia, of the Quirky Sisters, likes her basket bed, a prized fought over bed space.

Best friends and cousins, Suri and Grumbly Rumby.

The other half of the Quirkies, Echo.

Gretal, doing so much better with all teeth gone.

Cougie, one of the business cats.

The gray and whites--Honey on the top, Mooki on the bottom.

Quirky sister Fantasia.

Albany water rates are going up next month by 3% and sewer rates this summer by 9%. That's a 12% increase by summer on the water sewer bill, that comes as one. Garbage rates already went up last year, too by I don't know what percentage. Electric rates increased 13% last year.

Just in two years, these four things: electric, water, sewer and garbage combined, with their rate increases by summer, will have increased costs to people within city limits for utilities by about 30%. That's a hellish utility inflation rate for a couple of years.

Don't even mention the increased costs for food and gas in the last two years. How are we supposed to survive?

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