Monday, January 02, 2012

Spice Boys Revisited

Original Spice boy Machi.

Another Original Spice Boy Meeko.

Mooki, one of the Spice boys and still here.

In 2007, a older woman contacted me. She was feeding strays, a mom and her kittens. Off I went, traps in hand. I trapped two odd roam in males, the mom and three boys. The girl kitten had disappeared.

The old woman begged me to take in the boys. I relented finally and did. The mom and two odd males I returned.

The three boys were Machi, Meeko and Mooki. Machi went to a home in Junction City. Meeko went to a home in Bend. Mooki got ringworm and remained here. By the time he was over it, he was older, not a cute little boy kitten, and he never got a home. He's still here.

The Mormon sisters, whom I spent Christmas Eve with, have an elderly friend. He lives three houses down from the old woman. Turns out, he's feeding strays, a black mom and her four kittens. Guess he borrowed traps three weeks ago from a Lebanon woman, but caught only the mother, and for some reason, let her go. The Lebanon woman collected her traps and gave up on him.

When I asked if he thought the cats would be easy to catch, he said "not easy". That's when he told me about trapping three weeks ago. I figured. Nothing's ever easy.

However, I caught two very quickly, after which things went slightly downhill. A huge raccoon showed up in the trap last night. I released him. The old man was impressed by the size of the raccoon, who barely fit into my largest trap. I set a little trap and again went over the protocol. But he's almost deaf and I think most of it slipped by unheard.

The odd thing is how much the gray and white teen looks like Mooki. It is uncanny!

I visited the old woman again. She is still feeding the fixed mother. The orange male I'd trapped, now sporting an ear tip, is still roaming the hood, too, four and a half years later.

It may take a bit of time to catch the other two teens and the mom, apparently in heat now. This is slightly complicated by the fact his neighbor has two black females, outside allowed, although they are fixed. I know who the "culprit" is, a hated white male with black spots. The neighborhood wants him fixed. I hope to accomplish that also.

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